Elevating Brick & Mortar

Hosted by Sid Shetty

How Operations and Facilities Drive Brand Performance

If you run a multi-location brand in the retail, restaurant, grocery, convenience, banking, or wellness industries, you know that great customer experiences are a competitive advantage.

This show is for leaders in operations, facilities, sourcing, procurement, construction, and finance – to find out how to accelerate that advantage and drive revenue.


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About the Show

In today’s unpredictable economic landscape, consumer expectations are constantly evolving. In the face of these challenges, how do brands deliver a consistent and compelling customer experience? The world’s most innovative companies are turning to an underappreciated function to gain a competitive edge: facilities. On this podcast, you’ll hear from the most successful leaders across industries about how operations and facilities are driving brand performance by transforming facilities from a cost center to a revenue driver. Welcome to Elevating Brick and Mortar.



David Schalenbourg
Technical Director at Delhaize Technics

Going Green with a Global Leader in Food Retail

David Schalenbourg joins us to talk about how facilities can play a crucial role in helping the environment, the cross-section between the customer experience and building responsibly, and how he plans to reduce carbon emissions completely within his organization by 2030.


Bashir Abdallah
VP of Product at ServiceChannel

Why Facilities Has a Major PR Problem

Bashir Abdallah joins us to talk about how he ended up in facilities management, why facilities deserves more credit and resources, and how the industry has evolved and where it’s going.


Jaclyn Frenzel

Embracing Diversity to Drive Facilities and Business Success

Jaclyn delves deep into what successful brands find most important when it comes to facilities management, the importance of bringing diversity to the table in any business scenario, and how to best attract and retain talent in a post-pandemic world.


Tom Sansoucy
VP, Facilities
EG America

Driving Brand Loyalty by Bringing Quality to Convenience

Tom discusses the importance of taking care of your technicians, creating both convenience and value for travelers, and how he balances working hard with working smart.


RJ Zanes
Senior Director, Facilities Maintenance
Sam’s Club

Maintaining a Billion Dollar Asset Fleet

RJ discusses maintaining a billion dollar asset fleet, how he drives accountability through quality assurance, and why his number one goal is providing member delight.

Nick Ammaturo

Chris Lampien
Operations Manager
Lampien mechanical services

First-Hand Perspective on Why Skilled Trades are Experiencing Staffing Shortages

Chris discusses the talent shortages he and other service provider businesses face, how to offer your clients the best customer experience, and the technical advances service providers must keep up with.

Nick Ammaturo

Garrick Brown
Director of Advisory Services
and Business Development
Lockehouse Retail Group

How Retail Has Grown into a Hospitality Business

Garrick shares with Sid why he thinks the retail apocalypse is over, how retail has grown into a hospitality business, and why consumer expectations are higher than ever.

Nick Ammaturo

Nick Ammaturo,
Head of Indirect Procurement,

How Procurement and Facilities Can Collaborate Effectively

Nick joins us to talk about why he feels facilities deserves more attention, how the pandemic changed the way consumers interact with physical spaces, and why data will lead the industry into its future.

Roger Goldstein,
Executive Director of Facilities and Energy,
Panda Restaurant Group

Scaling High Brand Standards Across 2000+ Locations

Roger joins us to talk about how he invests in experiences, innovates together with operations, and encourages his team to live into the Panda Mindset of “Only better, never best.”