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Welcome to Elevating Brick and Mortar.
The podcast about how operations and facilities drive brand performance.

On today’s episode, we talk with Frankie Costa, CEO of Helios Service Partners. Helios Service Partners–the result of the nation’s top independent HVAC-R businesses coming together–is the industry leader in multi-site mechanical services. They service 42 states with their 100% self-performing technicians.


** 00:48 – Solving the Facilities PR Problem: Jackie Aubel, host of “Toolbox for the Trades” podcast

** 02:41 – Good Standards Result in Good Experiences: Roger Goldstein, Executive Director of Facilities and Energy at Panda Restaurant Group

** 04:22 – Raising Awareness About Facilities’ Importance: Kara Cutino, Vice President, Store Development, Facilities Services, Asset Protection & Store Purchasing at Ascena Retail Group

** 06:13 – Shift to Preventative Maintenance: David Shalenbourg, Technical Director with Delhaize Technics

** 07:07 – The Short End of the Stick: Nick Ammaturo, Head of Indirect Procurement, Subway

** 12:02 – Leveraging Technology to Address Shortages: Leigh Pearson, Senior Director of Facilities, sustainability, sourcing, and Procurement at Staples Canada

** 14:25 – Why Investors are Looking to the Trades: Frankie Costa, CEO of Helios Partners

** 15:40- Maintenance as Key to Customer Loyalty: Caitlin Wischermann-Ornitz, VP Strategy at Champagne Hospitality

** 18:10 – Have an Asset Management Strategy: RJ Zanes, Senior Director, Facilities Maintenance at Sam’s Club

** 21:26 – Evolving with Technology: Mike Guinan, Vice President Operations Services at White Castle

** 22:20 – Make good on Your Investments: Tom Sansoucy, VP, Facilities at EG Group, America

** 25:00 – Elevate Holistically: John Ludlow, VP of Omni Operations at Designer Brands

** 28:06 – The Positive Impact of Diversity: Jaclyn Frenzel, President, OnSite

** 31:23- Accelerate Efficiency with Tech: Deena McKinley, Chief Experience Officer at Papa Gino’s Pizza

** 33:51 – Leveraging VR in the Trades: Doug Donovan, CEO of Interplay Learning

** 35:22 – The ROI of Investing in Great Customer Experiences: Josh Witte, Director of Energy, Sustainability, and ESG at Dollar Tree

** 36:33 – Build the Right Team: Kenneth Jones, Director of Facilities at Heartland Dental

** 38:40 – Uplift Your Brand Through Facilities: Mark Warren, Vice President, Facilities, Real Estate & Development at KinderCare Learning Companies

** 39:53 – Make an Experience Seamless: David Bloom, Chief Development and Operating Officer at Capriotti’s and Wing Zone

** 41:25 – The Necessary Path Forward: Jim Owens, Chief Growth Officer at SDI

** 43:35 – Using Convenience to Your Advantage: Chris Walton, Co-CEO of Omni Talk

** 45:22 – Subtle Design is Your Friend: Mark Landini, Creative Director, Landini Associates

** 47:56 – Good Relationships Result in Success: Jamie Goldberg, Vice President Real Estate and Development at One Medical

** 49:15- Closing Thoughts from Sid


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ServiceChannel partners with more than 500 leading brands globally to provide visibility across operations, the flexibility to grow and adapt to consumer expectations, and accelerated performance from their asset fleet and service providers.

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