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Reduce your facilities carbon footprint

Meet rising consumer expectations with an efficient, low-emissions fleet of buildings and equipment.

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Greener facilities are good for business

By properly maintaining and upgrading your facilities and assets, you position your brand for customers who choose a business based on its sustainability practices. In addition to protecting your brand and the environment, sustainable practices can help you save time and money by keeping your day-to-day operations efficient, compliant, and reliable.

  • Keep costs low and brand experiences high

    Protect your brand image and deliver on customer expectations while using cost savings to invest in more sustainability initiatives.

  • Boost energy efficiency and asset performance

    Avoid wasted energy, downtime, and product loss by automating proactive maintenance that keeps your equipment running more efficiently and reliably.

  • Stay ahead of regulations

    Reduce your emissions and your regulatory risk by automating all the steps required to track your compliance with increasingly stringent refrigerant rules.

Proactively manage the assets that drive your emissions

asset efficiency

Earn more revenue from less energy

When your equipment is well-maintained, it can operate over 30% more efficiently, which shrinks your footprint and your operating cost.

ServiceChannel helps you execute a preventive and condition-based maintenance strategy, so that your critical assets are always in top shape. Plus, with comprehensive data on the sustainability of your asset fleet, you can retire older, more inefficient units, and stop wasting your energy — and your money.

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refrigerant emissions

Freeze your environmental impact

Refrigerants with high global warming potential are being phased out over time. To make the transition to more sustainable refrigerants, and to comply with increasing regulations in the meantime, you need a system that tracks your progress and helps resolve any leaks.

ServiceChannel makes eco-friendly compliance easy by monitoring refrigerant use, scheduling automatic verifications and inspections, and even generating GreenChill certifications.

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row of coolers in the frozen aisle of a grocery store
Travel miles

Decrease emissions and costs

Every time a technician travels to your location, they’re causing emissions — and billing you a trip charge. ServiceChannel helps reduce miles traveled by avoiding unnecessary truck rolls.

With guided troubleshooting, your staff can solve problems without any travel. When help is needed, dispatch top providers and prepare them to fix issues on their first visit. Our data shows that the top providers complete work orders with fewer trips.

generic unbranded white professional work van

Find the funds to invest for the future

If you’re not getting the budget you need to invest in sustainability, you can start by freeing up space in the budget you already have.

With visibility into what’s driving every dollar of spend and sourcing of more cost-effective providers from our Marketplace, ServiceChannel helps free up budget to fund your green initiatives.

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Spend vs Budget visualized in software platform

ServiceChannel Refrigerant Tracking enables us to provide a healthy and clean environment for our customers while saving money on energy costs and remaining compliant.

Craig DeGroat
Maintenance Manager, Tops Friendly Markets

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