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spend optimization

Get more bang for your budget

Make a bigger impact with your budget by prioritizing investments, controlling spend, and sourcing the most cost-effective providers.

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Take control over every dollar spent

By giving you visibility into where you’re spending, and agility to change how you’re spending, ServiceChannel helps you optimize every inch of your budget for maximum impact.

  • Stop overpaying for underperformance

    Compare your current service providers to the best options in every market based on their actual KPIs, and upgrade where you can get faster completion at lower cost.

  • Drive down total cost of ownership

    Reduce the unexpected downtime and extend the expected lifetime for your critical assets, while lowering unplanned repair costs, with a proactive maintenance strategy.

  • Avoid wasteful spending — automatically

    Prevent duplicate work orders and cut excessive spending with workflow controls, approvals, and checkpoints at every stage of the process.

Optimizing your spend with our tools

invoice validation

Pay exactly what you owe

You know exactly how much time technicians spent on a job, or if they even showed up at all, when they check-in onsite with the ServiceChannel Provider App.

Once you receive the bill, ServiceChannel ensures you don’t overpay by validating that invoiced labor hours match time onsite and that labor rates and material markups match your contracted pricing.

Labor time tracking visualized within software platform
provider optimization

Tap into cost-effective providers

It turns out you can get better quality for lower cost, and our data proves it. Find high-value providers by leveraging objective performance metrics from the ServiceChannel Marketplace.

With tools for scaling provider compliance and payments, the ServiceChannel Platform enables you to work directly with more self-performing providers, so you can avoid markups while getting faster service.

See how much you could be saving with our Provider Upgrade Calculator

asset lifecycle

Reduce your asset operating costs

When you aren’t tracking your asset services, it’s easy to spend twice as much repairing a unit than it would cost to buy a new one.

With health records for every valuable asset, you can make more strategic decisions at every point in the asset lifecycle, whether you’re budgeting for maintenance, leveraging your warranty, or planning when to replace.

Learn how to make asset management a reality

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cost controls

Get the right price for every invoice

The cheapest invoices are the ones you avoid. ServiceChannel empowers your staff to fix problems with interactive troubleshooting. When there’s no rush to fix, try bundling multiple repairs into a single trip for lower cost.

Every invoice is limited by the Not-To-Exceed (NTE) price, with more expensive jobs requiring a proposal. And you can require manager feedback before invoicing to make sure the job was done right.

cost effectiveness

Squeeze more juice from your budget

Systematically scale your preventive maintenance and capital spend relative to each location’s revenues, so you invest more in your most profitable sites.

And with ServiceChannel Managed, your small facilities team can stay focused on preserving the customer experience, while we handle your day-to-day operations work with our expert staff.

Learn about our Managed services

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Shake Shack interior store featuring menu and grill in the background

ServiceChannel has been a great tool for improving our budgeting and forecasting processes. It was a pretty easy sell to management and other corporate teams such as Operations.

Joe Stallone
Facilities Manager, Shake Shack

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