Past Webinars

We’ll share expert advice, data insights, and three critical priorities for the new normal:

  • Managing health risks to keep locations safe and running
  • Controlling costs and reallocating budgets
  • Staying agile and keeping providers, operations, and facilities aligned


Deb Millete
Deb Millete Director of Digital Facility Transformation ServiceChannel

We’ll be talking about:

  • Aligning FM and Operations teams for fast, coordinated response
  • Changing operating models to protect people, and how that impacts the FM team
  • Ensuring service providers can deliver, particularly on deep cleanings


Deb Millette
Deb Millette Director of Digital Facility Transformation ServiceChannel

See how The Habit Burger:

  • Overcame Facilities Challenges
  • Deployed Service Automation Technology
  • Benefited from Operational Best Practices


Juliette Dickens
Juliette Dickens Event & Field Marketing Manager ServiceChannel

Learn About:

  • What are the Connected Devices that Impact your IoT Technology
  • IoT’s Impact on Multiple Industries
  • How IoT Can Lead to Better Customer Experience
  • Ways to Improve Your Organization’s Performance with IoT


Mary Webber
Mary Webber Director Service Channel
Greg Montgomery
Greg Montgomery Chief Strategist Bloomberg