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  • The Secret Ingredient: How to Source the Right Service Provider

    Brands that actively manage out underperforming providers get better service and save an average of 25%. See how ServiceChannel has empowered your peers with the industry’s richest performance data to supercharge their provider sourcing – and how you can too! Plus, get a sneak peek of new ServiceChannel features that will transform the way you match with top-performing providers.

  • Tactical to Strategic: Shifting the Focus for Provider Management

    Ensuring the right provider shows up at the right time can turn into a tactical time sink. Learn the best practices that FM experts use to focus their time on higher-value conversations that drive continuous performance improvement. You’ll hear about both automated controls and insights that will help, as well as concrete tips for business reviews.

  • The Art of Agility: How to Adapt to Continuous Change

    New safety protocols, week-by-week changes to location operations, and cost pressures have brought new complexities in 2020. See how your peers are solving these challenges using the latest ServiceChannel capabilities to streamline communications and track work. Learn the best scenarios to apply Site Planning, Labels, and Checklists to improve consistency and visibility.

  • Across the Board: How to Build Value Throughout Your Entire Organization

    The value of automation and insights can be extended beyond facilities. Learn how novel uses of ServiceChannel can enable collaboration with other departments and drive data-backed decisions. And hear how your peers are building closer relationships — and creating measurable value — with departments such as finance and security.

  • ServiceX 2020 Keynote: Building a Better Future Together

    Join us as we celebrate how Facilities Management has risen to the challenge this year and look ahead to the opportunities that will transform how we work. You’ll get a sneak peek into how ServiceChannel is adapting how we serve you – with our people and our innovation – to help you thrive in a new era for Facilities Management.

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