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Facility asset management software

Rev up your revenue engine

Reduce asset downtime and operating costs, while increasing your revenue along the way

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Get more return from every asset

Preserving the uptime of thousands of critical assets can be complex. But with rich data on asset health at your fingertips, you can make proactive decisions that keep your equipment running, your sales rolling, and your customers raving. And by reducing wasted spend, your costs are lower, too.

  • Reduce asset downtime — and increase revenue

    When your revenue-generating assets need emergency service, send the right providers with the right parts to avoid costly delays.

  • Lower your total cost of ownership

    Find the right balance between asset uptime, operating costs, and capital expense by making proactive investments in maintenance and replacement.

  • Make smarter capital planning decisions

    Invest wisely based on validated data about the reliability of suppliers, historical operating costs of equipment, and root causes of downtime.

Proactively manage the asset lifecycle

Asset Validation

Track assets to unlock insights

Your physical assets are continually changing: installing new units, retiring old or failed ones, and moving equipment between locations. This makes it hard to keep track of asset conditions and maintenance costs.

By validating the data in your asset register with our mobile apps, you can accurately track reliability and total cost of ownership. Now you can justify making proactive investments with confidence in your asset data.

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sustainability matters

It’s easy being green

Maximize the efficiency of your equipment with an energy-saving preventive maintenance program, and plan to upgrade the most wasteful units in your capital plan.

Cut your emissions by tracking your refrigerant leaks and automatically scheduling follow-up inspections to verify the fix.

Learn how to improve your sustainability

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lifecycle management

Get the timing right for asset replacement

Don’t wait until after an asset fails to think about replacing it. When you have visibility into downtime, maintenance costs, and remaining useful life, you can proactively replace individual assets at the optimal time for your customer experience and for your business.

Start by prioritizing the investments required to keep your locations in top condition. Then get better pricing with volume purchasing. Now you’re maximizing returns across the entire asset lifecycle.

Learn about capital planning and projects

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smart devices

Stay ahead of breakdowns with connected devices

Many assets have sensors that can report their health to the cloud, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep watching for notifications, waiting to jump into action.

By connecting your smart assets to ServiceChannel, they can automatically create work orders, and you can resolve problems before your operations go down.

Learn about IoT connected devices

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asset tagging

Max out your warranties

Creating a work order is as simple as scanning the QR code on an asset tag with the ServiceChannel App. Another easy option is to select the asset first by picking from photos, no tags required.

Now your provider knows what to repair and the parts to bring. Plus, our platform automatically routes work that’s covered under warranty to the right provider — so you never miss out on free fixes.

Learn about the unexpected value of asset management

Create Work Order module within servicechannel platform

With the level of detail ServiceChannel provides, I now have data to show the finance and operations team that it may be time to replace a revenue generating asset, this has made my life so much easier.

Jim Pearson
Maintenance Manager, Cal's Convenience

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