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ServiceChannel Platform

Facilities Management Software

ServiceChannel Facilities Management Software gives you a single source of truth for managing and understanding the performance of every location.

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Trusted by 500+ leading brands globally

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Get everyone on the same page, and everything in great shape

Power your facilities program with a data-driven, automated platform that makes it easy to manage assets, work orders and service providers. This unprecedented visibility and control means better outcomes for the entire facility ecosystem, and exceptional experiences for your customers.

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    Drive customer loyalty with increased uptime of your assets and brand

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    Run your business proactively instead of reactively, using actionable data

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    Improve performance by benchmarking against the best in your industry

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How often does a facilities guy get an award at a sales meeting? I received an award for essentially assisting with an increase of sales because our locations were top-shelf.

Alan Donohoe
Facilities Manager, Louis Vuitton

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Using ServiceChannel's facilities management software for our retail stores, we get time back in our day because the system basically manages itself. It’s been a huge help and has changed our world.

Kim Bowling
Senior Manager Global Store Development, Under Armour

A future-proof platform that grows with you

Meet every need, from tracking your spend to scaling your brand.

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    Provider Sourcing

    Our Marketplace sources the highest performing providers across quality, speed, and cost.

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    Parts Inventory and Supplies

    Get all the parts and supplies needed right where and when you need them for resilient operations.


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    Work Order Software

    Put your work orders on autopilot, so you have the time to focus on strategic priorities.

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    Asset Management

    Reduce asset downtime and operating costs, while increasing your revenue along the way.

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    Preventive Maintenance

    Make smart investments today for happy customers in the future.

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    Provider Performance

    Improve your service speed, quality, and cost by using data to hold providers accountable.

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    Managed Services

    The easy way to achieve peak facilities performance, for wherever you need more help.


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    Data Analytics and Insights

    Make proactive decisions and take action backed by real-time data and strategic insights.

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    Spend Optimization

    Make a bigger impact with your budget by prioritizing investments, controlling spend, and sourcing the most cost-effective providers.

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    Compliance and Risk

    Know all your compliance and risk mitigation measures are on track — and all tracked in one place.


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    Meet rising consumer expectations with an efficient, low-emissions fleet of buildings and equipment.

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    Capital Planning and Projects

    Plan, build, evaluate, and maintain your capital assets with a single source for accurate data at every stage.

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    Program Transformation

    From daily support to long-term strategic guidance, we’re here to guide your journey all the way.

The latest ServiceChannel Platform tips and insights

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    The Unexpected Value of Asset Management

    But leading multi-location brands have recognized that facilities can be an engine for growth. They know they can’t afford to miss out on the operational performance and revenue gains that come from strategic asset management. Find out why building such a program may be the most important investment your company hasn’t made yet.

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    Retail Healthcare Industry Report

    Big things are happening in retail healthcare. The clinics and health centers within this industry, which are typically located inside retail stores, focus on less urgent healthcare needs that people can address at their own convenience. Major retailers are taking notice of the potential within these clinics and centers.


Frequently Asked Questions about the ServiceChannel Platform

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What is facilities management software?

The ServiceChannel Platform is facilities management (FM) software used for the maintenance, repair, and day-to-day operations of locations, buildings, and equipment. Our platform is sometimes referred to as a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or an enterprise asset management (EAM) system.

With FM software, facilities teams are able to deliver brand-worthy customer experiences while keeping costs low. They can also share insights with other teams and business units as a strategic business partner.

When just getting started with ServiceChannel, companies focus on getting processes under control and gaining visibility to operations, with core capabilities such as: work order management, preventive maintenance management, provider performance management, and data analytics.

As they grow more mature, companies use ServiceChannel to be more proactive with decision making, while relying on advanced capabilities such as: spend optimization, asset management, and capital improvement projects.

What is unique about the ServiceChannel Platform?

Here are three ways that the ServiceChannel Platform is unmatched:

  • Integrated provider marketplace. For FM software to be effective, it has to be adopted universally by your third party service providers. Chances are that most of your providers are already using ServiceChannel, along with 70,000+ others in our marketplace. Where you have gaps, we make it easy to source new providers from the marketplace. Not only do you see results faster, but you can pick from the top performers in every market.
  • Enterprise data analytics and industry insights. The world’s largest brands rely on ServiceChannel data for global facilities operations and strategic business intelligence. From ready reporting, to customized visualizations, to data warehouse integrations, ServiceChannel unlocks the value of your data however you need it. You also get benchmarking and industry insights based on over 150 million work orders completed on the platform.
  • Managed services. Even with the efficiency created by the ServiceChannel Platform, you still need people to manage your facilities operations — just not as many as before. If you don’t have the resources in-house, then ServiceChannel Managed can help fill the gap while accelerating your results. You get support from our team of experts for day-to-day operations and system administration, along with sourcing and optimizing your provider network.

Who uses the ServiceChannel Platform?

The ServiceChannel Platform is used by operators of multi-location businesses to manage all of their maintenance and repair work orders, invoices, service providers, projects, and assets using a single system of record.

Our platform is simple enough for brands with 10 locations, but scalable enough for the largest global retailers with over 10,000 locations. It’s built to flexibly meet your evolving needs as your program matures and your business grows.

How ServiceChannel is used by teams across the facilities ecosystem:

  • Location staff and corporate managers use the ServiceChannel App to create and manage work orders and to conduct site audits.
  • Technicians, whether internal or external, use the ServiceChannel Provider App to track their work and update asset records on the job.
  • Facilities managers use ServiceChannel to streamline operations, report on performance and costs, and replace assets proactively. 
  • Construction and real estate teams use ServiceChannel to understand the durability and operating cost of their designs, as well as the condition of assets.
  • Finance teams use ServiceChannel for financial reporting and capital planning purposes.

Common industries using ServiceChannel include:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery
  • Convenience stores
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Spa & Fitness
  • Education

How does pricing work for the ServiceChannel Platform?

Subscriptions to the ServiceChannel Platform are priced per location. Contact us for a customized quote. We’ll recommend the right package for you, with a tailored mix of software and services to fit your needs.

How can I get started with ServiceChannel?

We’ll get you ramped up and realizing value quickly with our proven implementation process. If you have existing work order or asset software, we can help import your historical data into ServiceChannel.

ServiceChannel Managed can get you started even faster. If you’re feeling understaffed, we can help to administer the platform software and oversee work orders and providers on your behalf.

To learn which ServiceChannel package is right for you, contact our sales team. We will work with you to understand your top objectives and challenges, and we’ll arrange a demo to show you how our solutions could work for you.

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