ServiceChannel Managed

For peak performance across your facilities

A program designed to give you the best outcomes with lower costs

That’s because we partner with you in taking care of your facilities. Our experts support your business in specific trades or regions where you want the most help, maximizing asset uptime and service provider performance. That way you can focus on taking care of your customers.

Real results from Tommy Bahama


It’s just one of me here in Facilities, but I have ServiceChannel. So I feel I have 20 people behind me helping me get this job done.

Jon Nivision,
Sr Construction Project Manager,
Tommy Bahama


Metric Before
Net Change
Check-in 59% 96% 63% ↑
SLA met overall 56% 67% 20% ↑
First time 60% 64% 4% ↑
Median resolution time 4.9 2.9 41% ↓
Proposal submission time 2.9 2.1 28% ↓
SLA met non-regular hours 28% 61% 118% ↑
Median cost per invoice $489 $347 29% ↓
Average cost per invoice $1,003 $655 35% ↓

The ServiceChannel Difference

Brokers/Outsourcers vs. ServiceChannel Managed

This program is a new approach to peak performance facilities management, completely different from the outsourced models on the market today.

  Broker/Outsourcer ServiceChannel Managed Benefits
Costs & Incentives

Layered costs and margin stacking

Incentivized to roll trucks for every issue

Rich data to manage providers, performance & cost

Systems designed to avoid dispatch (e.g. warranty)


Sustained reduction in spend


Low urgency/slow to dispatch

Relies on inexperienced call center

Leading automated workflow platform

1.5M work orders automated per month


Decline in manual touches


Minimal visibility or data

Weeks to get basic reports

Complete visibility of end-to-end data

4.8 billion data points added each year


Unlimited real-time metrics and reporting


Most processes happen in “black box”

No control of tech quality/ certificates

Granular configurable workflow controls

Compliance manager & visibility of techs on site

< 3 min

Time to enact new rules/policies


Selections not data-driven

Extensive use of low skill subs

Benchmarked against data from 125M work orders

Paid quickly and incentivized to perform


Improvement in resolution time

Join over 550 leading brands across industries and level up your facilities today.

We serve regional and national brands across retail, restaurant, grocery, convenience, fitness, healthcare and more. Talk to a ServiceChannel Managed Specialist today.

Built on the #1 Facilities Management Platform

ServiceChannel Managed is a collaborative model: for the trades or geos where you want support, our trade and industry experts plug in to deliver the best outcomes with lower costs. Your locations will be cared for by top service providers, sourced from our performance-based marketplace of over 80K providers.  

For trades you want to keep in house, you’ll have access to the ServiceChannel platform; a data-driven, facilities source of truth that maximizes asset uptime and team productivity.

Learn more about the ServiceChannel approach to service provider selection.

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ServiceChannel Managed

Learn how we ensure great outcomes, performance and transparency in our facilities management program delivered as a turnkey solution.

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