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March 14, 2024

About the Guest

Since 2006, Roger has been a key member of the facilities team at Panda Restaurant Group. Over the years, Roger has worked his way from Regional Facilities Manager to Facilities Director, and now to Executive Director of Facilities and Energy. A facilities management expert, Roger is a Certified Restaurant Facilities Professional and a Restaurant Facilities Managers Association Board of Directors member. Roger currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

“Ambiance with pride—that’s a fundamental core value and tenant at Panda. That’s the mindset. That’s the lens they look at our stores through; creating a guest ambiance that we’re proud of at all times.”

— Roger goldstein


*(0:18) Meet Roger!
*(2:09) How Roger’s career has evolved
*(4:28) A deepdive on Panda Restaurant Group
*(6:18) Panda purchases more what than any restaurant?
*(7:21) Segment 2: Across the Goal Line
*(10:39) Finding your “ambience with pride”
*(13:51) COVID-related consumer shifts
*(19:10) Panda’s new technology: The Panda Auto Wok
*(23:44) Segment 3: How We Do It
*(29:28) Panda’s mindset for a great customer experience
*(31:07) A hurricane hurdle of a story
*(36:21) Segment 3: Future Forward
*(39:07) Final advice from Roger


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