How Retail Has Grown
into a Hospitality Business

with Garrick Brown, Director of Advisory Services and Business Development at Lockehouse Retail Group

This episode features an interview with Garrick Brown, Director of Advisory Services and Business Development at Lockehouse Retail Group. Garrick is one of the United States’ leading retail real estate analysts. On this episode, Garrick discusses why he thinks the retail apocalypse is over, how retail has grown into a hospitality business, and why consumer expectations are higher than ever.


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Nick Ammaturo

About the Guest

Garrick Brown is one of the United State’s leading retail real estate analysts. Currently, Garrick is the Director of Advisory Sales and Development at Lockehouse Retail Group. In addition, Garrick specializes in Public Speaking. Garrick regularly speaks to groups of all sizes regarding commercial real estate issues. Garrick has served as a speaker at events hosted by the Urban Land Institute, NAIOP, Appraisal Institute, CREW, ICSC, PRSM and Verizon Wireless among others.

“Ultimately retail is kind of a hospitality business nowadays. It’s so difficult to deliver on all three of my big motivators, which are: value, convenience, and experience. But we are now in the experience economy fully. And if you want to survive, it’s so critical that you know that the experience is what builds your brand. It’s what builds loyalty. And it impacts every single part of your store from operations to maintenance, to service. And it’s so critical that everyone on your team from the buyers to the warehouse guys understand that is your basic credo.”
— Garrick Brown


*(0:14) About Garrick
*(1:21) How Garrick’s career has evolved
*(7:43) The Retail Apocalypse is over
*(14:14) Segment 2: Across the Goal Line
*(15:38) The three reasons customers come to stores
*(21:36) Garrick’s view on the role of facilities
*(28:32) The economics behind facilities
*(29:22) Segment 3: How We Do It
*(32:33) Talkin’ Tech
*(39:04) Segment 3: Future Forward
*(41:33) COVID related shifts
*(45:01) Garrick’s advice for thriving in retail


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