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  • leigh-pearson-staples
    High Impact Brands Embrace Sustainability and Community

    With Leigh Pearson, Sr. Director of Facilities, Sustainability, Sourcing, & Procurement at Staples Canada

    In this episode, Leigh explains how to make a meaningful impact through sustainability and energy efficiency. She also describes how authenticity and empathy align with professional success.

  • Mike-Guinan
    When AI Levels Up Your Kitchen

    With Mike Guinan, Vice President Operations Services at White Castle

    Mike discusses how White Castle is bringing robots, AI and tech into the kitchen to revolutionize the restaurant industry. He describes how the business makes quality food that meets or exceeds expectations, with greater efficiency.

  • Marco Zanardi
    Living Up to Your Customer’s Values

    With Marco Zanardi, President of Retail Institute Italy

    In this episode, Marco Zanardi, President of Retail Institute Italy, explains how to keep your audience’s attention, how to match your company’s values to those of your customers, and what trends are emerging in the retail space.

  • Seamless Experiences That Drive Revenue

    With John Ludlow, VP of Omni Operations at Designer Brands

    In this episode John discusses investing in your physical footprint, the importance of aligning your physical and digital experiences, and how Designer Brands is driving customer loyalty.

  • Deena-McKinley
    CX Belongs in the C-Suite

    With Deena McKinley, Chief Experience Officer at Papa Gino’s Pizza and D’Angelo’s Grilled Sandwiches

    Deena discusses the rise of the role of Chief Experience Officer, leveraging automation to empower employees, and how the brand experience should begin internally.

  • Bringing Your A-Game to Brand Preservation

    With Kirk Beaudoin, Award-Winning Facilities Leader

    Kirk discusses the importance of following the golden rule within the industry, why it’s important to offer the best service for the best price, and why those working in facilities are heroes without capes.

  • swarovski-morgan-seghin
    Defending the Castle with Facilities

    With Morgan Seghin, Facilities Manager for Swarovski

    Swarovski creates beautiful crystal-based products of impeccable quality and craftsmanship that bring joy and celebrate individuality. Today this legacy is rooted in sustainability measures across the value chain, with an emphasis on circular innovation, championing diversity, inclusion and self-expression, and in the philanthropic work of the Swarovski Foundation, which supports charitable organizations bringing positive environmental and social impact.

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