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  • Frankie-Costa
    The Jobs AI Won’t Displace

    With Frankie Costa, CEO of Helios Service Partners

    Frankie dives into the shifting landscape of the trades; from business transformation to talent management to new technology. He also shares how promoting trades as an important employment opportunity can have a massive impact.

  • Jackie-Aubel
    A Spotlight on the Power of Trades

    With Jackie Aubel, host of “Toolbox for the Trades” podcast

    Jackie discusses the often-overlooked value of contractors, as well as the PR challenges facing the facilities industry. It’s critical to emphasize the importance of trades, and to attract talent with not only wages, but top-notch company culture.

  • Caitlin_Wischermann
    Top Service Innovations in Hospitality

    With Caitlin Wischermann Ornitz, VP Strategy at Champagne Hospitality

    Caitlin describes how the hospitality industry can innovate for the guest of the future. Her insight on building true connections between locations, guests, and locals contains wisdom for leaders in all consumer-facing industries.

  • Doug-Donovan
    Solving the Skills Gap With VR

    With Doug Donovan, CEO and Founder of Interplay Learning

    Brands everywhere are struggling to compete due to a shortage of skilled workers. Doug discusses how to make skills and trade training more accessible to address this monumental, cross-industry challenge.

  • Joshua-Witte
    The New Horizon of Retail Sustainability and Profitability

    With Joshua Witte, Director of Energy, Sustainability, and ESG at Dollar Tree Stores

    Josh discusses how brands are now expected to adopt the principles of their customers, and why that is driving leading companies to invest in technology to drive sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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