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  • Debunking the Retail Apocalypse Myth

    With Bill Yanek, CEO of ConnexFM

    Bill discusses the rise of smart facilities, the importance of expanding your network, and why the retail apocalypse isn’t as close as everyone says it is.

  • Winning Over the New Discerning Consumer

    With Myriah Kingen, Director of Facilities Management at Tractor Supply Co.

    Myriah explains the critical role of collaboration, innovation, and adaptation in overcoming industry challenges. She emphasizes the value of integration and partnership, as well as understanding the well-educated consumer of the future.

  • Retail’s Online and Offline Convergence

    With Anjee Solanki, Head of US Retail at Colliers

    Anjee shares insights from Colliers’ consumer studies, and highlights the importance of integrating online and offline shopping experiences in order to cater to modern consumer preferences.

  • The Restaurant of the Future

    With Wade Allen, EVP of Strategic Growth at Costa Vida

    Wade discusses the importance of seamless integration between physical and digital experiences. He describes a future where tech enhances operational efficiency, while preserving the people-first nature of hospitality.

  • 25 Tips for Facilities Transformation

    This year, ServiceChannel commemorates its 25th anniversary. To celebrate, we’ve put together 25 of the most interesting tips for facilities transformation from some of our guests over the past three seasons.

  • Frankie_Costa
    The Jobs AI Won’t Displace

    With Frankie Costa, CEO of Helios Service Partners

    Frankie dives into the shifting landscape of the trades; from business transformation to talent management to new technology. He also shares how promoting trades as an important employment opportunity can have a massive impact.

  • Jackie_Aubel
    A Spotlight on the Power of Trades

    With Jackie Aubel, host of “Toolbox for the Trades” podcast

    Jackie discusses the often-overlooked value of contractors, as well as the PR challenges facing the facilities industry. It’s critical to emphasize the importance of trades, and to attract talent with not only wages, but top-notch company culture.

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