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data analytics and insights

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Make proactive decisions and take action backed by real-time data and strategic insights.

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Deliver the ideal customer experience – every time

Customers expect great experiences with every visit, which means keeping your brand top of mind requires continuous refinement. ServiceChannel gives you data on how your facilities are performing for your brand, plus the insights you need to make more proactive investments for your future.

  • Measure what impacts your brand most

    By tracking the performance that defines your customer experience, from asset downtime to janitorial services, you can know what’s working and keep making improvements.

  • Optimize your budget

    Monitor performance and spending trends for locations, assets, trades, and more, so you can strategically invest your budget where it makes the most impact for growing your brand.

  • Take a data-driven point of view

    With full visibility into everything that’s going on, every day, you can rest easy knowing your team won’t miss a thing — and that you’ll have the insights you need to answer any question.

Unlock insights for all


Bring actionable insights to the table

Transform from being a siloed function that reacts when something is broken, to being a strategic partner that drives your business toward its goals.

From which building design has the lowest operating cost to which supplier has the most reliable equipment, your Facilities team has unique insights into operations and assets, and they can offer valuable insights to the business.

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Leadership working with his employee
asset performance

Proactively manage your asset health

Track performance data and health reports on every asset so you know which equipment is driving your carbon footprint and causing downtime.

Then shrink your revenue loss, your emissions, and your total cost of ownership by allocating your capital investments to where they make the greatest impact on your business goals.

How you can impact sustainability

Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions measured by volume across various assets within a facility
Performance monitoring

See hotspots before they catch fire

When you have visibility to the providers that are falling behind schedule, the assets with the most downtime, or the locations in the worst condition, you can proactively take action and solve root causes before the problems grow and damage your brand.

Learn about provider performance data

Provider Spend Analysis measured across each provider for total invoice amounts
data-first decision-making

Look back to get ahead

Unlock your historical data with contextual insights and AI machine learning recommendations to make smarter decisions about providers, proposals, and invoices. Analyze your trending root causes to see how you can proactively stop future issues from happening again.

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Asset Intelligence on Invoices

With the level of detail ServiceChannel provides, I now have data to show the finance and operations team that it may be time to replace a revenue generating asset, this has made my life so much easier.

Jim Pearson
Maintenance Manager, Cal's Convenience

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