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provider performance

Deliver better service every day

Improve your service speed, quality, and cost by using data to hold providers accountable.

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Lead the way to peak performance

With objective data on every provider, you’re able to measure their performance and costs, hold them accountable for delivery, and drive continuous improvement over time.

  • Share a single source of truth

    Build trusted, strategic relationships with your providers when you have full visibility to what they’re doing well, and they can see ways to keep getting better.

  • Empower technicians to work faster

    By tracking their work, sharing photos, managing assets, and pulling inventory with the ServiceChannel Provider App, your techs save time — and you save money.

  • See how your team stacks up

    Benchmark your provider network against the market’s best performers in every trade, and search for the right replacement when it’s time to make a change.

Maximize your provider network performance

contractor scorecard

Quantify your service delivery results

With the Contractor Scorecard, you can keep an eye on trends for speed, quality, and cost scores, and then step in with coaching — or start searching for an upgrade.

With objective data, you can have more constructive provider conversations and bring accountability to every business review. Plus, you can compare contractors or regions against each other to optimize your network coverage over time.

Learn about Contractor Scorecard

Contractor Scorecard visualized within software platform
field technicians

Streamline your workforce management

Get work started faster by automating dispatch to your top-ranked providers. Whether that’s an in-house tech or a third-party supplier, you get the same visibility to compare performance.

Technicians get work done faster with the ServiceChannel Provider App, where they can create and update work orders and assets, log time, pull parts from inventory, and more.

Learn about managing field technicians

Work Order reporting metrics visualized within ServiceChannel Provider app screen
trust then verify

Stop second-guessing your invoices

When you require your providers to check-in to work orders using the Provider App, you get proof of presence that they arrived onsite.

Later when you get invoiced, you can automatically validate that the labor hours match the time spent on-site and that the labor rates match your agreed rates.

Learn more on how to control invoice costs

Invoice Validation visualized within software platform
provider compliance

Reduce your risk with compliance tools

Ensure your services supply chain is qualified and covered for risks by enforcing provider licensing and insurance requirements.

And if site security is a top priority, you can even require providers to check in with location staff to ensure that only authorized technicians get access to your locations.

Learn about managing compliance

Compliance Overview panel within servicechannel platform
Shake Shack interior store featuring menu and grill in the background

Our vendors are more accountable and better performing when tracked through ServiceChannel. We reduced work order resolution time by 44%

Rey Cruz
Director of Facilities, Shake Shack

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We can show how your existing providers are performing for other ServiceChannel clients and how they compare to the market’s best.

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