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work order software

Automate your work orders

Put your work orders on autopilot, so you have the time to focus on strategic priorities.

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Move beyond just tracking tickets

If you’re managing multiple facilities and a network of third-party service providers, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. But no matter how many locations, trades, technicians, contractors, or assets you have, we can help you keep your head above water by automating the process of getting work done at scale.

  • Solve problems faster, without waste

    In a hurry? Automatically dispatch emergencies to the top-ranked provider. Willing to wait for lower cost? Try out interactive troubleshooting, or route for approvals to the right people.

  • Keep your spend in check

    Block expensive work until proposals are approved, stop invoices until the work is completed, and validate invoices for the right rates and hours.

  • Get everyone on the same page

    With all internal and external work orders in one app, your staff knows when providers will arrive, and providers see issue and asset details to get the work done quickly.

Manage your work more proactively



Spend your time where it matters most

In facilities, you’re always fighting fires. (Sometimes literally.) ServiceChannel takes care of the repetitive tasks so you can focus on the burning issues.

Automate your processes for approvals and landlord responsibilities. Get decision support and advice from machine learning. See all your locations on an intuitive map, and protect against impending storms with just a few clicks.

Free up your time with our Managed services

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servicechannel App

Take care of every location from anywhere

With the ServiceChannel App, you’re never more than a tap away from your source of truth. On-site or on-the-road, it’s easy to keep everything humming.

Corporate teams, location staff, and providers can do everything from submitting work orders to approving invoices. Your operations team gets guided help for troubleshooting right in the app, so they can quickly fix small issues and accurately identify real emergencies.

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provider visibility

Track service data to hold providers accountable

Get visibility into provider performance every step of the way. Know when vendors arrive onsite and how long they worked when they use the ServiceChannel Provider App.

Use checklists to define the scope of work, collect information from technicians, and validate completion of important steps.

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continuous improvement

Learn from today’s data for tomorrow

The best brands just keep getting better. Trace your operational performance issues back to the root cause with ServiceChannel data.

Know whether asset downtime was caused by missing maintenance or operators misusing equipment, and then take action so it doesn’t happen again.

Learn about location performance data

beyond facilities

One platform driving value across teams

ServiceChannel isn’t just for the Facilities team. When you track all the work done on your buildings in one system across departments, you can partner for better results at lower cost.

Other departments like Construction, Merchandising, Loss Prevention, Risk Management, and IT are getting work done faster with ServiceChannel, too.

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Curo - Group Holdings Corp

ServiceChannel does all the heavy lifting for you — just place a work order and the rest is practically automatic.

Joel Elsea
Director of Facilities, Curo Financial

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Frequently Asked Questions about ServiceChannel work order software

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What is work order software?

Work order software is used to manage the planning, purchasing, tracking, and invoicing of maintenance and repair services. With the right work order software, you can automate workflows, minimize downtime, and keep facilities ready for your customers, leading to increased sales and reduced costs.

Also known as a work order management system, it centralizes all the work done on a company’s facilities and assets in a single source of truth, and it streamlines communications between location staff, external service providers, internal technicians, and corporate staff.

Work order management is one of the core functions of facilities management software, also known as a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or an enterprise asset management (EAM) system.

What makes work order software popular?

Work order software is popular for its ability to improve facilities performance and simplify the process of getting work done.

  • For your customers, work order software keeps them happy by ensuring that your locations are looking good and running smoothly every time they visit.
  • For location staff, work order software makes it easier and faster to get things fixed, so they can focus more time on customer service.
  • For facilities teams, work order software increases efficiency and streamlines day-to-day operations, while making it easier to sleep at night.
  • For executives, work order software strengthens the brand experience, maintains revenues, and reduces costs.
  • For technicians, work order software provides all the information needed to get work done faster.
  • For service providers, work order software increases productivity and accelerates client payments.

Who uses work order software?

Work order software is used by employees ranging from store associates to the VP of Facilities, as well as by third party contractors.

  • Facilities teams, along with IT, Risk, Loss Prevention, and Merchandising teams, use work order software to manage service delivery and analyze performance for both internal technicians and contracted providers.
  • Technicians use work order software to track time spent, work done, and asset conditions all in one app while in the field.
  • Location managers use work order software to submit requests for service, monitor real-time status, and leave feedback for providers.
  • Operations leaders use work order software to monitor location conditions and to preserve brand standards.
  • Compliance managers use work order software to document maintenance activities, comply with regulations, and prepare for audits.
  • Finance teams use the data from work order software for financial reporting and forecasting and to identify cost savings opportunities.

How much does ServiceChannel work order software cost?

Work order software is included in all ServiceChannel Platform subscriptions, which are priced per location. Contact us for a customized quote. We’ll recommend the right package for you, with a tailored mix of software and services to fit your needs.

How much time does it take to implement work order software?

We’ll get you ramped up and realizing value quickly. With the hands-on support of our expert team, including dedicated implementation and customer success managers, clients usually go live with ServiceChannel in 30 to 90 days.

If you have existing work order or asset software, we can help import your historical data into ServiceChannel.

If you don’t have enough staff to use work order software, then ServiceChannel Managed can help to administer the platform software and oversee work orders and providers on your behalf.

To learn more about the implementation process, please schedule a consultation.

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