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Find top service providers to get work done better

Whether you’re searching directly or want us to manage your network for you, our Marketplace sources the highest-performing providers across quality, speed, engagement, and cost.

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We’re fixing provider sourcing

With typical vendor selection, you’re just guessing, and brokers don’t give you the full story. You don’t know if you’re working with low performers, and having more downtime as a result.

The Marketplace gives you verified data on the actual performance and invoice cost of every provider. Get increased uptime and worry less.

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    Work with top providers in every market based on proven performance

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    Optimize for the metrics you care about most, such as speed or cost

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    Confidently source new providers to grow your network or fill in the gaps

If you want to improve on your providers and save on cost, this is definitely something that your company should look into.

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3 easy ways to shop for service providers in our Marketplace

Continually optimize your network with objective data

Stop guessing and find top-performing providers based on proven performance and pricing data from more than 70k providers and 220M work orders on the platform. Quickly fill gaps in coverage and discover your weak spots to see which providers could deliver on your biggest opportunities for better service and lower costs.

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Take a more strategic approach across your network

With provider optimization by Scout, you can see which upgrades will make the biggest impact across your entire network. Instead of relying on misleading labor rates, our assessment shows you which service providers do quality work the fastest, so you save on invoice costs and time spent by location, region, trade, or to meet your specific goals.

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Managed Network

Let us recruit the winning roster for your team

With a Managed Network from ServiceChannel, you’re paired with the best providers for each trade and location. Not only do we source top performers, but we monitor and coach them to make sure they deliver. We also take care of end-to-end compliance, onboarding, dispatching, and payment processes.

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We source top providers based on performance

Whether you have your own Facilities team, or you’re looking for a partner to manage the day-to-day, our flexible solutions are tailored to your business goals.

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Learn more about how family-owned Lampien Mechanical Services partnered with ServiceChannel as a springboard to growth.

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The latest service provider marketplace insights

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    With Nick Ammaturo, Head of Indirect Procurement at Subway

    This episode features an interview with Nick Ammaturo, Head of Indirect Procurement at Subway. Subway is a $17B+ privately-held business with over 40,000+ restaurants located in more than 100 countries. Nick joins us to talk about why he feels facilities deserves more attention, how the pandemic changed the way consumers interact with physical spaces, and why data will lead the industry into its future.


Frequently Asked Questions about our Service Provider Marketplace

Can’t find an answer to your question? Get in touch.

What is a service provider marketplace?

ServiceChannel’s Service Provider Marketplace enables companies to find and hire providers to deliver commercial services at their locations in the US and Canada.

From searching to signing, and from dispatching to invoicing, every step of the provider relationship is managed on the ServiceChannel Platform. When you source from the Marketplace, you get connected to providers that score highly on their service delivery KPIs and that use the platform effectively.

How can I source providers from the Marketplace?

There are three easy ways to source providers from the Marketplace:

  • Provider Search. If you want to find a proven provider to fill a regional gap or to replace an incumbent, Provider Search is the perfect tool.
  • Scout Provider Optimization. If you’re looking to upgrade an entire trade or expand into a new market, then our Scout Provider Optimization service can design the ideal network for your needs.
  • ServiceChannel Managed. If your need for help extends beyond just sourcing, like to coordinating work orders or monitoring provider relationships, our managed services can augment your staffing levels.

What is different about ServiceChannel’s Marketplace?

The ServiceChannel Service Provider Marketplace is different than other sourcing methods in three key ways:

  • Objective performance scores. With the marketplace, you can make confident sourcing decisions, because all providers are scored using the same objective KPIs. You can compare their results and see their actual performance for other clients like you.
  • Unbiased rankings. Providers cannot pay to be promoted ahead of others. The only way for a provider to be discovered in the marketplace is by delivering services to existing clients on the ServiceChannel Platform.
  • Direct relationships. ServiceChannel is not a middleman between you and your providers. Providers sourced from the marketplace work for you directly, so you can build long-term, strategic relationships.

Which trades can be sourced from the marketplace?

You can source over 200 commercial service trades from the Service Provider Marketplace.

For these common trades, ServiceChannel can go beyond sourcing to also help optimize and manage your network over time:

Automatic Doors, Awnings & Shades, Backflow*, Balers & Compactors, Dock Equipment, Doors, Electrical, Fire Life Safety Equipment*, Floorcare*, Flooring, Forklift & Pallet Jacks, Frozen Beverage Equipment*, Furniture, General Repairs/Handyman, Glass & Windows, Grease Trap*, Hot & Cold Beverage Equipment*, Hot & Cold Kitchen Equipment*, HVAC*, Janitorial*, Landscaping*, Lighting, Line Striping, Locks, Overhead Doors & Gates, Parking Lot Repairs, Parking Lot Sweeping*, Pest Control*, Plumbing, Refrigeration*, Roofing, Signage, Snow Plowing*, Window Cleaning* 

* We can source scheduled maintenance services for these trades.

If you have any questions about trade sourcing, please contact us.

How does pricing work for the marketplace?

There is no cost to source providers from the marketplace. Provider Search and Scout are included with every platform subscription.

You can directly receive invoices from all your service providers in the platform, so you can see what you’re paying without any hidden markup.

ServiceChannel earns a small sourcing fee from providers when we connect them to new clients. This enables them to grow their business based on their track record, while saving on the sales and marketing costs they usually incur to find clients.

Service provider marketplace

Work with those who take pride in what they do

The best service providers welcome performance data that helps them improve the quality and scale of their business. You can find them on the Marketplace.

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