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We’re Fixing Provider Sourcing

Whether you’re contracting directly or want us to manage service providers for you, our Marketplace identifies the highest performing providers across quality, speed and cost.

With typical vendor selection, you’re just guessing, and brokers don’t give you the full story. You don’t know if you’re working with low performers, and having more downtime as a result.

The Marketplace gives you verified data on the actual performance and invoice cost of every provider. Get increased uptime and put your focus back on your business.

Save A Lot Improves Provider Quality and Cost

If you want to improve on your providers and save on cost, this is definitely something that your company should look into.

– Jackie Schmollinger
Facilities Manager, Save A Lot

3 Easy Ways to Shop for Service Providers in Our Marketplace

Stop guessing whether you’re working with the best

Provider Network Upgrade with Scout

Instead of relying on misleading labor rates, we’ll show you which service providers do the best work the fastest. You’ll save money on invoice costs, and have your assets up and running sooner.

See how much downtime and cost you could save with a free Scout provider assessment to benchmark your existing network against the top performers from our Marketplace.

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The only way to search with objective performance data

Provider Search

Provider Search makes it easy to find top service providers in our Marketplace based on their track record of outstanding performance.

With verified data on cost, quality, speed, and business qualifications, you can be confident that you’re working with dependable providers.

Whether you are filling gaps in coverage, opening new locations, or replacing an existing provider, you’ll spend less time searching — and more time building relationships with the best providers.

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Let us recruit the winning roster for your team

ServiceChannel Managed

With ServiceChannel Managed, we’ll review all the metrics to source and monitor the highest performing network available for each trade and location.

You get paired with the best providers that meet your business requirements, while we take care of the end-to-end process of compliance, onboarding, dispatching, and payments.

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Work with those
who take pride
in what they do

The best service providers welcome performance data that helps them improve the quality and scale of their business. You can find them on the Marketplace. Get connected with businesses that care about a job well done, like the Gennaros.