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Parts inventory and supplies

Keep locations humming without missing a beat

Get all the parts and supplies needed right where and when you need them for resilient operations.

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Break free of the supply chain

You can’t afford to wait weeks for parts to fix broken equipment when you’re losing revenue every day. ServiceChannel tracks your inventory of key parts across every location and vehicle, so you know where to find what you need, and so your customers aren’t left waiting.

  • Reduce asset downtime

    Keep track of parts on hand so you can rapidly fix issues and spend less time losing revenue.

  • Increase technician productivity

    Technicians can immediately find the nearest part in the Provider App, so they can save time and fix issues faster.

  • Drive down costs

    Leverage your volume to get the best prices on the materials, parts, and supplies you need to keep your locations running smoothly.

Take control of your supply flow

Inventory management

Have parts ready to make things whole

Keep your critical parts in stock nearby for faster resolutions and minimal interruptions, and keep track of them all in ServiceChannel.

Get the full picture of your inventory of parts and equipment across your locations, warehouses, and service vehicles. As parts get used, you can quickly purchase, move, and restock items to avoid disruption.

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Brand Assets

Backup your operations

Your customer experience is composed of hundreds of moving pieces. Keep a centralized inventory of the extra parts, from merchandising displays to light fixtures to kitchen gear, so your operations are ready all year long.

When anything needs to be replaced, technicians can immediately find the nearest unit in the Provider App, so they can save time and fix issues faster.

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supply management

Simple shopping for all your operational needs

Leverage your volume purchasing to get the best prices on all the parts and supplies that fuel your operations. From efficient light bulbs to green cleaning products, you can give operations a single source for ordering approved supplies online, whenever they need it.

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Fendi store interior with large reflective sphere in the center

ServiceChannel is now one of our biggest drivers in how we manage facilities services. It’s a highly efficient way to keep our stores up to the same luxury brand standards as our products.

Francesco Fassio
Facilities Manager, Fendi EMEA

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