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December 19, 2022

About the Guest

RJ Zanes is responsible for the overall real estate maintenance strategy and execution of 83,000,000+ Sq Ft across 605 locations. He also leads strategic business initiatives elevating the team in the areas of safety, cost, speed, quality, delivery, and customer/employee satisfaction. In addition, RJ spearheads the development and management of a $300M+ annual operations plan and $250M+ annual capital plan. Prior to Sam’s Club, RJ held operations roles at JLL, Daifuku, JBT Aerotech. He currently lives in Bentonville, Arkansas.

“We operate with the mentality of a member obsession. And what that means for us is keeping our fleet of assets at the optimal state from a physical aesthetic appearance perspective, as well as operations perspective”

— RJ Zanes


*(0:23) About RJ
*(1:29) RJ’s responsibilities
*(1:56) RJ’s journey into facilities
*(5:34) A Rotisserie Chicken Fun Fact
*(6:18) Segment 2: Across the Goal Line
*(9:30) RJ’s Asset Management Strategy
*(15:05) Greatest Challenges RJ’s Seen
*(20:30) Segment 3: How We Do It
*(26:00) RJ’s best investments
*(28:56) You will fail before you will succeed
*(30:44) Segment 3: Future Forward
*(34:00 Consumer shifts that are here to stay
*(36:52) Fixing the labor shortages
*(38:38) Final words of advice


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