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Stay on target with Budget Insights


Make smarter decisions about work orders and proposals with Budget Insights, a new tool that shows how much budget you have remaining and whether you’re on track in real-time.

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March 27, 2024

Make smarter spending decisions to get more from your budget

Balancing a tight budget with unpredictable expenses is a major challenge. One large bill can break your budget — and if you don’t use it, you may lose it. Now with Budget Insights, you can make confident decisions to spend now or wait until later, without surprises.

Now available

New features! Budget Insights: See at-a-glance if your spend is on track, so you can make smarter decisions to get more from your budget.

How it works

Stop approving expenses in the dark. Now, with the introduction of Budget Insights, we’re bringing the insights you need to make smart spending decisions in the moment. Any time you’re approving work orders or proposals, you can see how the potential expense fits into your remaining budget.

  • Keep your budget on track: Decide to start work now or wait until later based on how much budget you have left.
  • Monitor your spend in real-time: See what’s already incurred and what’s forecasted based on work in progress.
  • Take action from anywhere: Quickly review work orders and proposals on mobile to make the right call every day.
  • Prioritize what’s most important: Know when to replace equipment or rescope proposals to make the most of your available budget.
  • Adjust your spend on a dime: Partner with your finance team to keep your expenses in sync with your changing business goals.
Visually manage your budget trends with the Budget Insights Report in Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with tracking my budget in ServiceChannel?

Every ServiceChannel subscriber has access to the Budget Insight Report in Analytics, which shows how you are performing against budget targets on overall spend, with filters to drill down by trade, GL, location, region, district, and approval code.

You can add and update your budget at any time using a self-service template, and you can set custom fiscal periods to match your fiscal calendar.

To enable the Budget Insights for work orders and proposals, contact your Account Manager for more information.

What types of budgets can be tracked?

You can track budgets on ServiceChannel by trade, category, GL code, location, region, district, and approval code.

How do you calculate forecasted costs and accruals?

Forecasted costs include in-progress and completed work orders not yet invoiced, using the scheduled completion date and the average invoice amount of similar completed work orders.

Incurred costs are based on completed work orders that have been invoiced.

How frequently are Budget Insights updated?

Your budget status is updated in real-time whenever you click on the Budget button.

How are multiple currencies handled?

If you have invoices in multiple currencies, then Budget Insights will consolidate your status into a single currency for reporting, which you can select.

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