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March 14, 2024

Welcome to Elevating Brick and Mortar.
The podcast about how operations and facilities drive brand performance.

In Season 2 of Elevating Brick and Mortar, many interviews discussed tech advancements that elevate the customer experience. Today we’re recapping how digital experiences in a physical space make time in a store better. From AI to robotics to drones, all improve operations and deliver a human touch in areas where it matters – customer service.


**01:35  – John Ludlow addresses labor shortage challenges

**04:43 – Kirk Beaudoin describes the bleeding edge of innovation

**10:06 – Mike Guinan on restaurant innovations

**12:49 – Mark Warren is skeptical of AI in childcare

**15:09 – Deena McKinley doesn’t think AI is a threat to jobs

**17:56 – Leigh Pearson asks if the industry is ready

**20:52 – Marco Zanardi describes how we compete for mindspace

**25:53 – Morgan Seghin emphasizes embracing tech

**27:16 – David Bloom talks about the convenience boom

**30:29 – Chris Walton predicts consumer expectations



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