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March 14, 2024

Welcome to Elevating Brick and Mortar.
The podcast about how operations and facilities drive brand performance.

A good facilities team enables consistent, elevated experiences, no matter how fast or big your company gets. On today’s episode, Sid speaks with Allison Turner, SVP of Real Estate and Development at Bond Vet, an urgent and wellness petcare company. Bond Vet’s mission is to offer friendly, compassionate and thorough care,  elevating the clinic experience for pets and people alike.

About the Guest

Allison Turner is the current SVP of Real Estate and Development at Bond Vet. As a leader her team manages the Real Estate Strategy, Design & Construction, Procurement & Launch, and Facilities functions. She brings 25 years of experience through established brands as well as start-ups focusing on brick & mortar scaling. She specializes in driving sustainable growth through smart design and cost efficiencies.

“Your pet is an extension of your family and we’re really trying to provide a service that when they walk in their door, they know they are in good hands. That the minute you walk in, from the environment you see, to the initial greeting from the care coordinators, that you know you’re in the right place.”

— Allison Turner 


** 00:28 – Allison’s role

** 07:44 – What brings the customer back?

** 13:14 – What makes a good facilities team?

** 18:22 – Building talent for the future

** 25:09 – Tech’s role

** 27:46 – Future thinking

** 29:15 – Where to find Allison


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