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March 14, 2024

In this episode, Morgan discusses managing facilities on an international scale, the attention to detail required of a luxury retailer, and how Swarovski is honoring their responsibility to the planet with sustainable practices.

About the Guest

Hailing from Belgium, Morgan Seghin has 15 years of experience working in retail, 10 of which are in facilities management. He has worked for international luxury retailers all over the world such as Prada and Christian Dior, where he pioneered and launched the facilities management program. He has since moved to Paris where he manages the facilities at Swarovski across Europe.

“Our CEO says the project is king, the client is queen, and always the store is the castle. So, we treat it as a castle. You wouldn’t go to Disneyland if you have a castle that’s falling apart and not painted very well with the wrong lighting and slippery stairs.”

Morgan Seghin 


**(01:58) – Morgan’s Journey

**(06:41) – Facilities in Swarovski

**(11:03) – Facilities within a luxury brand

**(18:03) – The evolution of retail

**(30:18) – How Swarovski prioritizes sustainability

**(34:15) – Sid’s final thoughts


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