First-Hand Perspective on Why Skilled Trades are Experiencing Staffing Shortages

With Chris Lampien, Operations Manager at Lampien Mechanical Services

This episode features an interview with Chris Lampien, Operations Manager at Lampien Mechanical Services in Atlanta, Georgia. 6 years ago, Chris took over the reins of the family business from his father. On this episode, Chris discusses the talent shortages he and other service provider businesses face, how to offer your clients the best customer experience, and the technical advances service providers must keep up with.


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Nick Ammaturo

About the Guest

Chris Lampien is the Operations Manager at Lampien Mechanical Services. The company was founded by his father in 2007 and Chris took over the reins 6 years ago.

His story about how he got into the business in the first place: He really hated sitting through lectures in college and decided to pursue a degree in sports physiology with the thought of becoming a personal trainer — until he realized how little 99% of trainers actually make. His dad wanted to retire to focus on his woodworking hobby and convinced Chris to take over the family business. He loves the work — the physical work, managing the team, working with friends and family, making customers happy.

“The biggest challenge is employees. Finding new technicians. Most of my staff is 50 to 60 years old. And there’s not a lot of young people coming into the skilled trades. So that’s my biggest challenge with business and achieving a higher potential is making sure I’m ready for the future. I don’t have a shortage of applications. I have a shortage of finding people that are actually qualified.”
— Chris Lampien


*(0:22) About Chris
*(1:37) How Chris’s career has evolved
*(2:34) Creating Camaraderie
*(5:20) Creating customers for the long-haul
*(6:45) Segment 2: Across the Goal Line
*(8:50) Is growth always good?
*(9:51) How Chris measures success
*(11:09) Managing under unpredictability
*(13:00) Recent investments Chris has made
*(14:16) Segment 3: How We Do It
*(14:30) The great talent shortage
*(19:50) Nurturing great partnerships with service providers
*(24:25) Segment 3: Future Forward
*(28:14) COVID related shifts
*(31:17) Chris’ advice to upcoming talent


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