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March 14, 2024

About the Guest

Adept at building high-performance sales organizations and establishing integrity-based client relationships within highly competitive markets, Jim brings a unique blend of strategic and creative thought to every client engagement to create an environment of proactive collaboration and common value for both SDI’s clients and the market at large.

With a history of commercial and industrial business development for companies like EMCOR, Transfield Services and IFCO, Jim excels at creating and implementing successful and strategic value-driven solutions that transcend industry sectors. As a business development leader, his passion has driven him to develop innovative ideas and strategies to help clients solve their toughest challenges. A member (and former chair) of Penn State University’s Center for Supply Chain Research (CSCR) Advisory Board, and a member of the ConnexFM Technology advisory board, Jim Owens is committed to supply chain and facilities excellence, has co-authored research on Last-Yard logistics, and has presented at several educational symposiums.

“If three years ago I was at a cocktail party and somebody asked me what I did and I told ’em, ‘supply chain,’ they would look at me with confusion. Today you can’t wake up in the morning and open your computer, turn on your television, or look at your phone without seeing some story related to supply chain.
So it’s mainstream. It’s front of mind. To answer your question, is it getting better? I think it is incrementally, and I think we have a long way to go.”



**(02:21) The SDI model 

**(06:12) Supply chain challenges 

**(14:50) How to avoid supply chain disruption 

**(18:54) The retail space in an upcoming recession

**(23:40) This is how we do it 

**(29:47) How businesses can be proactive 

**(36:47) The future 


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