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March 14, 2024

Welcome back to Season 2 of Elevating Brick and Mortar!
The podcast about how operations and facilities drive brand performance.

In this episode, we talk with Marco Zanardi, President of Retail Institute Italy. Retail Institute Italy is a non-profit Association Focused in the Marketing at Retail field. Their mission is to promote the culture of the point of purchase and retail business. There, Marco manages global innovation projects, multi-functional teams, and oversees strategic plans and executions. 

In this episode, Marco explains how to keep the attention of your audience, how to match your company’s values to those of your customers, and what trends are emerging in the retail space. 

About the Guest

Marco Zanardi has over 35 years in business & strategic management. He’s an expert in marketing, communication, retail, and trade marketing management. He’s supported and advised over 300 companies, from large corporations to small businesses in retail. At Retail Institute Italy, he manages global innovation projects, multi-functional teams, and oversees strategic plans and executions.

“The new generation, by and large, has an attention between eight and 10 seconds. We are in an attention economy. Attention economy because you have to get the attention of your client in 10 seconds!”

— Marco Zanardi 


**00:56 – How Marco got to his current role

**03:56 – Marco’s retail outlook

**08:52 – Competing in an attention economy

**18:16 – Living up to customer values

**24:16 – Merging the digital and physical environment

**31:00 – Looking forward to the future



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