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March 14, 2024

Welcome to Elevating Brick and Mortar.
The podcast about how operations and facilities drive brand performance.

Today, we’ll hear from Caitlin Wischermann Ornitz, VP of Strategy at Champagne Hospitality, a luxury boutique hotel brand with the purpose of preserving and celebrating local culture and heritage. As members of the communities where it operates, Champagne Hospitality is deeply committed to environmental stewardship and to the wellbeing of its neighbors, greater communities, guests, staff, and our planet.

About the Guest

Caitlin Wischermann Ornitz is the Vice President of Strategy at Champagne Hospitality, a luxury hotel collection with properties in Champagne and Burgundy in France and St. Barths in the Caribbean. She is a fourth generation hotelier and applies a strategist mindset to the industry where she has her roots.

She was formerly a strategist at McKinsey & Company where she provided management consulting services directly to clients and industry insights to the public through the think tank McKinsey Global Institute. Her time was spent primarily with finance and real estate clients on topics related to growth and sustainability. Caitlin lives in New York and joined McKinsey after completing her MBA at Columbia Business School. Caitlin graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University, College of Arts & Sciences as a triple-major in Economics, German Studies, and Comparative Literature.

“How do you take care of your investments? And I think that takes the ownership side of things to have a committed investment to maintaining your asset, right? Making sure that you’re putting capital into taking care of it. On the operational side, though, it’s the people who work with us. They care about the product itself.”

— Caitlin Wischermann Ornitz 


** 00:42 – What Champagne Hospitality does

** 01:55 – About Caitlin’s role

** 04:35 – Caitlin’s background

** 09:19 – What brings customers back?

** 19:35 – Why it’s important to build with the community

** 24:08 – Being genuinely sustainable

** 28:19 – Who’s the customer of the future?

** 35:24 – The future of hospitality

** 39:19 – Sid’s takeaways


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