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March 14, 2024

About the Guest

David Schalenbourg is the Technical Director with Delhaize Technics. He is passionate about buildings and their impact on our lives. He is focused on rebuilding low footprint stores, warehouses and office space shooting for carbon positivity.

“The biggest challenge is employees. Finding new techWhen you realize how much energy we need to use to bring food to our plates, you really should have a look at it and do it in the most efficient way. It’s building better spaces, and creating a better environment, and seeing that the things you build can reduce the impact of what is being built because in fact, the assets of our planet are not limitless. We need to take that part and also be careful with our planet. Building only what we need and being as compact as possible with those buildings.”

— David Schalenbourg


*(04:31) David’s Journey to Facilities Management from Architecture 

*(6:30) Building Sustainability

*(11:28) The Delhaize Experience 

*(13:34) Predictive Maintenance

*(18:39) Delhaize Going Carbon Neutral 

*(24:15) Customer Experience vs. Sustainability Efforts 

*(30:06) How David Measures Success 

*(39:35) David’s Advice


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