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  • The Unexpected Value of Asset Management
    The Unexpected Value of Asset Management

    But leading multi-location brands have recognized that facilities can be an engine for growth. They know they can’t afford to miss out on the operational performance and revenue gains that come from strategic asset management. Find out why building such a program may be the most important investment your company hasn’t made yet.

  • Retail Healthcare Industry Report

    Big things are happening in retail healthcare. The clinics and health centers within this industry, which are typically located inside retail stores, focus on less urgent healthcare needs that people can address at their own convenience. Major retailers are taking notice of the potential within these clinics and centers.

  • Going Green with a Global Leader in Food Retail

    With David Schalenbourg, Technical Director, Delhaize Technics

    What if the customer experience went beyond just the grocery store, and actually led to a better planet for us all? Our guest today is on a global mission to do just that.

    This episode features an interview with David Schalenbourg, Technical Director with Delhaize Technics .Standing at the forefront of sustainable retailing, Delhaize is one of the world’s largest food retail groups and a leader in supermarkets and e-commerce.

    On today’s episode David Schalenbourg joins us to talk about how facilities can play a crucial role in helping the environment, the cross-section between the customer experience and building responsibly, and how he plans to reduce carbon emissions completely within his organization by 2030.

  • Why Facilities Has a Major PR Problem

    With Bashir Abdallah, VP of Product at ServiceChannel

    Fostering cross functional relationships is crucial for successful facilities management. Our guest today understands that more than anyone.

    This episode features an interview with Bashir Abdallah, VP of Product at ServiceChannel. ServiceChannel helps multi-site commercial and enterprise brands deliver the best possible guest and employee experiences.

    Bashir Abdallah joins us to talk about how he ended up in facilities management, why facilities deserves more credit and resources, and how the industry has evolved and where it’s going.

  • Catie-Cardone
    Women in Facilities Management: Catie Cardone Stumpf

    Meet Catie Cardone Stumph, a leader who works closely with teams across ServiceChannel to deliver innovative software that makes life easier for facilities managers around the world. Check out our recent conversation with Catie to learn about her role and unique perspective on the industry.

  • Embracing Diversity to Drive Facilities and Business Success

    With Jaclyn Frenzel, President at OnSite

    This episode features an interview with Jaclyn Frenzel, President at OnSite, a facility maintenance company that utilizes a cloud-based approach to achieve cost-reducing, effective solutions for multi-site facility service needs. With over 13 years at the company, two years as President, Jaclyn’s priority lies in building an efficient organization staffed with business development, sales, marketing, and support professionals. Her notable achievements include directing strategic marketing campaigns, mobilizing operations teams and facilities program deployment. On this episode, Jaclyn delves deep into what brands find most important when it comes to facilities management, the importance of bringing diversity to the table in any business scenario, and how to best attract and retain talent in a post-pandemic world.

  • Driving Brand Loyalty by Bringing Quality to Convenience

    With Tom Sansoucy VP, Facilities, EG America

    What’s one of the most effective ways to take care of your customer? Taking care of your facilities team. Our guest today is an authority on how to do just that.

    This episode features an interview with Tom Sansoucy, VP of Facilities at EG Group America. EG Group is the fifth largest C-store network in the country. Brands in the EG Group Family consist of Cumberland Farms, Certified, Fastrac, Kwikshop, and Loaf ‘n Jug. Prior to the acquisition by EG Group, Tom was the Director of Facilities Support at Cumberland Farms. Before that, Tom served as the Director of Client Services at ServiceChannel. He began his career as a petroleum service technician.

    On this episode, Tom discusses the importance of taking care of your technicians, creating both convenience and value for travelers. Plus, how he balances working hard with working smart.

  • Maintaining a Billion Dollar Asset Fleet

    With RJ Zanes, Senior Director, Facilities Maintenance at Sam’s Club

    Taking great care of an asset fleet is a direct way to drive customer loyalty. This episode features an interview with RJ Zanes, Senior Director of Facilities Maintenance at Sam’s Club. Prior to Sam’s Club, RJ held operations roles at JLL, Daifuku, JBT Aerotech. On this episode, RJ discusses maintaining a billion dollar asset fleet, how he drives accountability through quality assurance, and why his number one goal is providing member delight.

  • The Power of Analytics

    For Intermediate Users — Facilities Managers, Operations, Finance and Accounting Teams to learn how to frame data to monitor performance and analyze costs.

  • First-Hand Perspective on Why Skilled Trades are Experiencing Staffing Shortages

    With Chris Lampien, Operations Manager at Lampien Mechanical Services

    This episode features an interview with Chris Lampien, Operations Manager at Lampien Mechanical Services in Atlanta, Georgia. 6 years ago, Chris took over the reins of the family business from his father. On this episode, Chris discusses the talent shortages he and other service provider businesses face, how to offer your clients the best customer experience, and the technical advances service providers must keep up with.

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