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ServiceChannel’s Silver Anniversary Salutes: Kathy West


In her 20-year tenure, Kathy West has been pivotal to ServiceChannel, blending industry acumen with a passion that’s fueled our evolution, embodying the spirit of innovation and personal touch that defines our success.

Jennifer Sams, Senior Content Marketing Manager
Jennifer Sams

Senior Content Marketing Manager

If we could choose one word to describe Kathy West, that would be resilience. Her warm smile and approachable nature conceal the steadfast determination she’s developed over her 20 years at ServiceChannel. Starting as an invoice analyst during the company’s early years, Kathy has risen to the role of senior accounts receivable analyst. Throughout her time at ServiceChannel, she’s faced numerous challenges with unwavering resolve. Kathy’s steadfast presence has been a cornerstone in our journey, helping us navigate through every uncertainty and challenge with grace.

The Commute That Changed Everything

ServiceChannel has evolved into a fully remote operation, but Kathy’s journey began in an office located in New York City’s Union Square. Despite a 55-mile distance from her home, Kathy was committed to a four-day weekly commute until the onset of Covid. Office life was far from easy; her small team faced daily challenges and often stepped far beyond their defined roles. But rather than focusing their energy on the limitations; Kathy and her team saw those challenges as opportunities. For example, they integrated CRM elements into the software to make up for the limited support team, which allowed them to proactively meet customer and provider needs. This positive mindset and forward-thinking approach was pivotal in transforming ServiceChannel from a mere digital record system into the comprehensive platform it is recognized as today.

Weathering the Storms

With a renewed vision and enhanced tools, Kathy and her team were poised for a smoother path forward. Yet, the unforeseen challenge of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 put their resilience to the test. The storm’s impact was catastrophic, leading to a prolonged closure of the ServiceChannel office. Despite this setback, Kathy and her colleagues exemplified extraordinary dedication, each contributing significantly to ensure the platform remained operational. Their swift adaptation to remote work during this crisis laid the groundwork for their seamless response to Covid, “We didn’t even have a glitch in what we had to do the next day.”

Embracing Innovation and a Future of Possibilities

Kathy acknowledges that ServiceChannel’s transformation into an industry leader wouldn’t have been possible without a combination of resilience and a willingness to reinvent, even revising the founder’s initial vision. This mindset, already in place, proved to be perfectly suited for the evolving landscape marked by the advent of generative AI. While Kathy is excited about the potential uses of AI on the platform, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining a human touch. The value placed on personal interactions by both customers and service providers is a cornerstone of ServiceChannel. This commitment to personal service is part of why Kathy can proudly say, “I’ve been here for 20 years, and we still have some of the original clients.”

Looking back on the past 25 years, it’s tempting to focus on the silver linings — because challenges have undoubtedly made us stronger and opened unexpected paths to innovation. Yet, Kathy’s story reminds us that there is immense effort and determination behind every achievement, big or small.

So, as we raise our glasses to celebrate this important milestone, let’s hold them a bit longer to honor Kathy and the countless remarkable individuals who have shaped our journey.

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