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Space Management Software

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October 13, 2022

Space management controls and supervises the physical space a business occupies. Effective space management can lead to a more productive workplace. Space management software provides tools and insights to help you manage the physical space more efficiently by identifying areas of cost reduction, additional revenue streams, and efficiency improvements. It can also schedule timely maintenance. Space management software comprises one part of an overarching facility asset management system.

Benefits of a Space Management Software

Space management software has many benefits. It improves space utilization and reduces the costs of unused space. It also eliminates human error that can creep into manual space-planning methods. It is accessible from anywhere and promotes effective planning for the future.

Improved Space Utilization

Facility space is a company asset to be used efficiently. Space management software recommends optimum space configurations and instantly lets you see new floor plan scenarios. For example, it can recommend the best conference room layout that maximizes the number of people while preventing overcrowding. Or, it can provide strategic space planning for retailers, optimizing customer flow through the space.

Eliminate Human Error

Some businesses manage their space with spreadsheets and manual drawings. Manual methods such as these can become unwieldy and inaccurate. They also are less data-driven than software management methods, and the lack of complete data leads to less than optimum decisions.

Reduced Costs from Unused Space

Space management software can reallocate space so that unused space is consolidated and leased or sold. It also can consolidate high-traffic areas.

Preparation for the Future

The software provides tools for constructing scenarios for future trends. For example, it can help envision open offices with collaborative spaces away from workstations so that some can work undisturbed while others gather to solve a particular problem.

Accessible from Anywhere

The best software is cloud-based and allows facilities managers to access its benefits from anywhere so that they have access to information in real-time.

Space Management Software Features

Good space management software has several features that enable it to provide these benefits and to maintain a dynamic atmosphere in the workplace. These features include space visualization and space utilization trends, the ability to capture data in real-time, an agile work environment, and reporting capabilities.

Space Visualization

The best space management software allows for easy space planning by providing opportunities to execute different stack plans and lighting schemes. It allows you to quickly discern where employees can sit comfortably to improve productivity and locate spaces such as conference rooms and break rooms. It also enables you to plan customer areas that reinforce your brand and promote sales. The software also keeps data on space utilization to help manage occupancy, allocations, and chargebacks.

Capture Data in Real-Time

An excellent space management software system captures data on the space at all company facilities to provide an accurate real-time picture in a central location. This can allow for cost savings from taking actions such as dimming lights in empty departments.

Agile Work Environment

Access to space management and utilization information can contribute to an agile work environment because it provides a quick and easy response to changing work conditions. For example, if a department wants to shift to a more collaborative working environment, its space can be rearranged quickly and efficiently to facilitate that change. 


Space management software allows for accurate and fast-reporting. Employees throughout the facility can access the information through one lookup system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Space Management System? 

A space management system simplifies managing and controlling the use of space throughout an organization’s facilities. The system helps the organization efficiently gather and analyze data, forecast, and strategize regarding the best ways to utilize the space. It also helps the company ensure its space management ties in with overall organizational goals and strategies and promotes maximum productivity, sales, and cost savings.

How Do You Manage Office Capacity?

You can manage office and conference room capacity in several ways. For example, an open-desk floor arrangement can ensure that employee desks are located far enough from each other to be safe. Partitions and cubicles can also promote a secure and private workspace and help manage capacity. You can manage capacity in shared spaces by removing chairs or adding partitions. 

Why Should I Use Space Management Software?

Space management software provides several advantages. One is that it can help you plan office capacity and layout intelligently by allowing you to examine various scenarios before committing. Another is that it allows you to understand which areas of the building are unused and adjust lights and utilities to save money. It is also much more efficient than using spreadsheets or colored pencils to allocate space, determine capacity, or design a comfortable experience for employees or customers.

How Can Space Management Software Help You Become More Efficient?

Space management software is a solution to tracking and managing real estate assets and physical space. This management includes monitoring and maintaining your space allocation and accompanying information and projecting how much real estate you’ll need in the future. Because it is cloud-based, access is available from anywhere.

The software provides analysis and on-the-fly reporting and data visualizations that can help you better manage the space. For example, it can consolidate unused space to sublease it. Or it can provide data about which parts of the building are not utilized for a portion of the day so that you can dim the lights and lower heating or cooling during that time, saving money. The software also can help vendors and staff quickly locate systems such as HVAC that require maintenance. It can help organizations rapidly re-envision their workspace for new initiatives and help businesses keep their employees comfortable and happy, contributing to better productivity. Finally, the software is much quicker and more accurate than manual reporting using Excel spreadsheets or color-coded hand-drawn designs.

ServiceChannel can create peace of mind and efficiencies through its space management and other asset management software. For help in understanding how space management software can increase your company’s efficiencies and profits, contact ServiceChannel today.

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