Facilities management software enables organizations to manage their entire repair and maintenance program from a web-based dashboard. FM software is designed to help businesses save time and money by properly managing their buildings, spaces, and occupants more efficiently and effectively.

Facilities management software tools enable multi-site facility managers to perform a range of functions related to ongoing maintenance and repair, including asset management, commercial contractor sourcing and compliance, work order fulfillment, payments, and analytics. FM teams can adequately track square footage or meters, analyze costs of potential moves, renovations, space characteristics and much more.

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Benefits of Facilities Management Software

A robust FM maintenance software system will facilitate the complete range of tasks necessary to ensure 24/7 brand support across all locations while also providing strategic insights into facility maintenance costs and resource allocation.

Facilities Management Software System

Repair & Maintenance Management

Store managers need to be working with customers and driving sales, not be tied down dealing with equipment failure or maintenance issues. With facilities management software for retail, managers can enter a service issue online and then track its status in real time.

Parts & Supply Management

Easy-to-use mechanism for locations to buy approved sourced and contracted materials. Maintaining control enables your company to save money, ensure quality, streamline ordering, and maintain warranties.

Settlement/Payment Processing

Contractor invoices are submitted online, validated against contracted rates and applicable sales taxes, coded for G/L processing, and linked with third-party accounting systems. Reduces facility management payment processing costs and time via straight-through electronic processing.

Asset Management

One platform with a comprehensive record of all equipment and locations, including all work history and maintenance records. Simplifies managing and tracking all equipment warranties.

Proposal Management

Easily send a Request for Proposal (RFP) to one or more contractors and get back proposals, all online.

Call Center Access

Use a call center for 24/7 work order submissions by location staff via phone. Provides formal follow-up of time-sensitive service requests to ensure timely contractor performance and reassignment, if needed.

Contractor Sourcing and Management

Access qualified, vetted, and insured contractors and all contractor data, including W-9 forms and insurance information.

Preventive & Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule, authorize not-to-exceed (NTE) levels, and verify and validate all preventive and scheduled facility maintenance events.

Open and Scalable Architecture

Facilities management system works regardless of platform or technological change.

Why Do You Need Facilities Management Software?

Facility management software captures all the data related to your facilities maintenance program. All your service requests, work orders, planned maintenance schedules, and equipment data, including invoices and warranty, on are on a single platform. Contractor check-ins and check-outs are easily stored and accessible.

The result? Not just better facility management performance, but better financial performance across all your repair and maintenance activities.

What Industries Can Benefit from FM Software?

Facility maintenance software has revolutionized the way locations are maintained for leading retailers, restaurant chains, and convenience stores, to name just a few of the sectors that have embraced this automated technology.

retail industry


Store managers need to be working with customers and driving sales, not be tied down dealing with equipment failure or maintenance issues. With ServiceChannel’s retail facility management software, managers can enter a service issue online and then track its status in real time. Read our latest case study, 64% Increase in Work Order Volume with Same Staff Level.

luxury retail industry

Luxury Retail

The standards to keep luxury stores pristine are stringent and preventive maintenance activity is very high in luxury retail stores. Facilities management software for luxury retail can help maintain a premium environment in a continual state of perfection, provide access to qualified contractors with specific skills, and maintain brand uptime.

restaurant industry


Restaurant facility management software delivers value to chain, quick-service, and franchise restaurant clients. Restaurant managers need to focus on patrons, service, and food quality – not be tied down with equipment failure or maintenance issues.

healthcare industry


From urgent care centers and retail healthcare clinics to freestanding or hospital-sponsored off-campus “emergency departments,” healthcare facilities management requires an exacting level of care. It’s imperative that specialized clinical equipment and related supplies are properly maintained, professionally serviced, and rapidly repaired.

Grocery & Convenience Store industry

Convenience Store

In the hypercompetitive convenience store (C-Store) market, some businesses are expanding to include quick-serve restaurants, coffee islands, financial services kiosks, and even showers. To service these new assets while continuing a focus on being fast, friendly, and clean, facilities managers can use facilities management software for convenience stores.

Unique FM Software Features from ServiceChannel

Lower your costs, speed time-to-resolution, improve equipment ROI and warranty usage. Easy-to-use facilities maintenance software and real-time data let you meet SLAs; deliver quality of service; and readily identify locations, equipment, and contractor and trade expenses that are out of line.

  • Simplified Work Order Creation – Location staff can enter facility maintenance service requests directly into system; work orders are then routed to the appropriate contractor at proper, preapproved rates.
  • Staffing Support – One-on-one connection with ServiceChannel staff for ongoing solution upgrades & maintenance, contractor and site location on boarding, and scalability as your organization grows.
  • Contractor Communication – Real-time input of all notes on work orders ensures communication is maintained throughout your facilities management organization and information doesn’t slip through cracks.
  • Secure, Multi-site Accessibility – One platform for all your facility maintenance services with guaranteed security. All data accessible from office or the field. Built on an open architecture to work easily in any environment.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform – Continually updated cloud-based facility management system eliminates costly software installs and upgrades and removes the burden of supporting additional hardware. Dramatically reduces cost of ownership.
  • Scorecarding – Compare service performance across all your facility maintenance contractors via real-time scorecards.
  • Spend Analysis All facilities management spend data and analytics are displayed in real time in easy-to-read dashboard graphics. View historical data, identify trends and outliers, benchmark against goals and industry standards, forecast spend.
  • Real-Time Service Tracking – Track contractor check-in/check-out times via GPS geo-locator or mobile phone interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Mobile Access – Access to ServiceChannel’s facility management system to report maintenance issues and check statuses is available anywhere, anytime, and from any device.
  • Third-Party Integrations – ServiceChannel’s facility management software easily connects to third-party accounting and payment systems. Minimizes data input errors and streamlines payment and audit processes.
  • Easily Source and Credential Contractors – Simple and automated processes to maintain/update contractor contact and payment information, and track insurance and certifications.

FAQs About Facilities Management Software:

Facility management software is designed to assist managers process valuable information, data, and analytics. This allows them to make calculated decisions, implement the correct measures, and track results as they happen. Before implementing a facilities management software solution, there are questions every manager needs to be asking.

What Are the FM Costs and Where are Potential Savings?

Typically, facility management software is connected with financial systems as a way to reduce manual data and ensure consistency. Cost transparency is key. FM software provides an inside look into dashboard metrics such as cost per square foot per year, per user, per workplace, per month, and many other relevant reports. These metrics and reports all FM's to identify and best determine savings based of deviations, trends, and both external and internal benchmarking.

What's the Best Sourcing Strategy?

Operational facilities or real estate services such as catering, security, cleaning, or maintenance are often outsourced by many organizations to professional service providers. Facility management software gives you the best available sourcing strategy with up-to-date information and analytics on the latest real estate and facilities trends. Once a strategy has been determined, FM software assists in monitoring performance levels, while allowing you to implement and desired changes or update new or existing contracts.

Will Increasing Workforce Mobility Affect Facilities Management?

In today's world, employees are becoming more and more flexible in when, where, and even how they work. This can be attributed to factors such as globalization, innovative technology, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. Workforces are expanding into the field of more than ever, as employees can easily work from trains, planes, public areas, at home, or in temporary offices. FM software offers a new dynamic workforce mobility that enables you to align both your workplace and services alike.