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December 19, 2022

About the Guest

Since 2020, Jaclyn Frenzel has served as the President of Onsite. The company was founded over 20 years ago. She joined the company in 2009, working her way up from Director of Marketing and Development to VP of Operations and Marketing to Partner and Vice President of Operations. Her priority is building an efficient organization staffed with business development, sales, marketing, and support professionals. Jaclyn’s notable achievements include directing strategic marketing campaigns, mobilizing operations teams and facilities program deployment (conceptualization through completion). She currently lives in Stockton, California.

“Often we find that simplicity isn’t without complex execution. My number one goal, and what I really drive throughout our organization, is outstanding customer service. In this day and age, we rely upon data analytics, AI, and it is all necessary, but at the same time we cannot forget customer service. I can train for the majority of the roles within my organization, but I cannot train positive attitude and great customer service.”

— Tom Sansoucy


*(0:16) Jaclyn’s role

*(5:12) About OnSite

*(8:28) Facilities management explained

*(14:43) What brands find important

*(18:37) Impacts of the pandemic

*(21:11) Investments at OnSite

*(25:21) The importance of diversity

*(29:19) Attracting and retaining talent

*(38:41) Facilities management stories

*(41:15) Predicting the future

*(48:32) Advice for her younger self


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