How Facilities Management Improves Customer Experience

The first full week of October is officially Customer Service Week and the ServiceChannel team couldn’t be more excited. The week was set out to celebrate the importance of customer service and customer experience, along with the people who continue to serve and support customers on a daily basis. 

Efficient and effective facility maintenance and repair is a critical component to create superior customer experiences, especially in retail, restaurant, and convenience store locations. Businesses in these industries can use customer insights to better understand their customers and their needs.

How FM Machine Learning and AI Impact CX

Technological innovation within facilities management, such as machine learning and AI, drive improved visibility and deeper insights into the entire facilities management process. By using FM software with these capabilities, facilities managers can analyze and leverage information more efficiently, deriving insights that can ultimately help improve customer experiences, retention, and relationships at their physical locations.

Customer ExperienceOne example of how facilities management technology can be applied to the retail and other retail-like industries industries specifically is when considering seasonal weather and the resulting facilities-related expenses. Seasonal, fluctuating expenses can cause a number of problems due to the impact on forecasted budget marks, such as the inability to address snow removal, creating dangerous parking and walking conditions.

With a modern FM platform providing visibility and transparency across an organization’s locations, facilities managers can effectively fulfill critical repair and maintenance, even in the face of unexpected seasonal changes and expenses.

Ultimately, with better customer insights and the ability to make real-time decision-making, facilities managers can ensure their customers have the best possible experience at all physical locations.

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Customer experience and improved customer service are top of mind for every organization – whether on the frontlines or in support of activities behind the scenes.

Our very own chief product officer, Hugues Meyrath was recently published in IoT Journal. The article is titled IoT and the Modern Facilities Manager, and dives into how a company’s physical infrastructure will impact its overall performance.