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What is Service Automation?

Service automation is technology that automates tasks to accomplish them faster, easier, and with greater efficiency. For the facilities management sector, service automation technology helps organizations manage repair and maintenance at all of their locations from a single dashboard. 

Service automation streamlines processes like validating work performed in the field, managing risk, keeping track of all planned and demand service requests, and completing proposals and invoices across all trades, categories and locations.

Key Benefits of Service Automation

Service automation transforms the way businesses plan, schedule, manage, and analyze repair and maintenance efforts across their locations. Service automation technology supports facilities managers with:

Contractor Selection & Management

Source qualified contractors and gain easy access to compliance data including W-9 forms and insurance information. Easily send and receive proposal requests to one or more contractors online.  

Work Order Management  

Manage all work orders, service requests, contractor proposals, and preventive maintenance across business locations on a single dashboard. Place service requests via computer, mobile application, or call center if quicker resolution is required.  

Asset Management 

Keep a detailed record of equipment in all locations, including all work history, warranties, and maintenance records so you can anticipate your assets’ R&M needs. Easily locate where to order approved asset-related materials.  

Preventive Maintenance Management

Schedule routine maintenance work ahead of time, set repeating work orders, authorize not-to-exceed (NTE) levels, and verify and validate all preventive work performed. 

Invoice and Payment Management 

View and complete digitally-submitted contractor invoices, validate against contracted rates and sales taxes, code for G/L processing, and link with third-party accounting systems, reducing processing costs and time.

Analytics and Insights Creation  

Access a simple reporting and management dashboard that updates operational and strategic data in real-time across all locations, trades and contractors. Learn how to reduce spend while increasing service quality and efficiency.

Service Automation Platform Features

  • Simplified Work Order Creation – Facility managers at any location can enter service requests directly into the system; work orders are then routed to the appropriate contractor at proper, pre approved rates.
  • Contractor Solutions – Input work order notes, update contractor contact and payment information, and track insurance and certifications easily and efficiently.
  • Accessibility Across Sites and Platforms – Service automation aggregates all your FM processes onto one platform with guaranteed security and open architecture. Your data is always accessible from the office or the field via our mobile capabilities. 
  • Cloud-Based System – ServiceChannel’s cloud-based platform eliminates costly software installs and upgrades, mitigates the need for additional hardware, and dramatically reduces cost of ownership.
  • Spend Analysis – Analyze location spend data in an easy-to-read dashboard. Learn trends and outliers, evaluate goals, and compare to competitors. Make strategic, data-backed decisions about spend allocation.
  • Enterprise-Wide Integration – The Service Automation platform easily connects to your organization’s accounting and payment systems. Connected systems minimize data input errors and streamline payment and audit processes.

FAQs About Service Automation 

Service automation helps businesses manage work orders, boost efficiency, track results, and make strategic business decisions. Before implementing a service automation solution, there are questions every organization needs to ask:

How Does Service Automation Integrate with Existing Processes?

Our technical team can set up ServiceChannel’s Service Automation platform to feed service data into your existing corporate intranet or Internet site and will ensure seamless integration with your existing internal. ServiceChannel uses nonobtrusive technology that provides clients with timely, accurate, and pertinent information; proactive notification; and enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities. 

What Kind of Support is Included? 

When you first become a ServiceChannel customer, our implementations team will train you and your staff so you have a comprehensive understanding of ServiceChannel products and how best to use them. Once your implementation is complete, our customer support team will provide you and your staff with ongoing assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.