Facilities Management Software for Retail

In the US alone, there are 3.8 million retail establishments, producing $2.6 trillion in total GDP impact.

To stand out in this extremely competitive industry and keep customers coming back, retail businesses need to prioritize in-store experiences. A key way to improve the overall customer experience is to optimize and streamline facilities management processes with service automation.

ServiceChannel’s Service Automation suite helps retail facilities managers create work orders, hire experienced contractors, schedule repair and maintenance work, and find cost-saving opportunities across numerous locations. Every store is different, so we’ve developed flexible, configurable facilities management solutions that address the needs of every retail segment. The time and money saved using ServiceChannel allows facilities managers to focus on what’s most important – serving customers and creating a better customer experience.

For retail, your stores represent your brand. From our first client in 1999 to more than 450 today, ServiceChannel has continuously driven innovation in retail facility management. Make sure your customers get the right impression.

“From finding and qualifying contractors to managing labor and supplies all the way through final payment, ServiceChannel is a complete solution: part CMMS and part e-procurement.”

Facilities Sourcing Manager

Challenges of Retail Facilities Management

  • Facilities managers must ensure brand uptime to attract and retain customers. Stores must be clean, shelves and racks must be full, and displays must be visually attractive.
  • To keep operational risks down, retail FMs need to source and hire experienced, qualified and compliant contractors who know how to address any type of service request or emergency that can arise, from HVAC maintenance or shelving repair to snow removal or plumbing problems.
  • Boosting efficiency is extremely important in the retail sector, so store managers and on-site staff spend less time attending to facilities issues, and more time performing the most vital part of their work — attending to customers.
  • Retail facilities managers need visibility into FM spend so they can identify areas where it’s possible to automate processes and cut costs.

Benefits of Retail Facilities Management Software

  • ServiceChannel’s contractor management solutions allow for the easy finding, hiring, overseeing, and evaluating of service providers, helping retail FMs ensure the contractors they use not only have the proper certifications and insurance coverage, but also have relevant work experience.
  • With ServiceChannel’s business intelligence and analytics capabilities, FMs can gather, store, and analyze key payment and spend metrics, identifying trends and outliers to find effective ways to lower FM costs, increase quality of service and boost operating efficiency.
  • Leveraging ServiceChannel’s work order management software helps FMs automatically dispatch and schedule new work orders efficiently and keep an organized record of all service history. With integrated asset management capabilities, retail FMs can also automate work order scheduling for the pieces of equipment that need contractor attention quickly and make better repair / replace decisions.
  • ServiceChannel’s planned maintenance capabilities help ensure great customer experiences and optimal store conditions by keeping necessary equipment such as HVAC units and lighting features in proper working order. Planned maintenance also saves money by ensuring that scheduled work is performed and reducing the chances that assets experience complete breakdowns and need costly replacements.

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The retail industry requires many types of maintenance and repair. We conducted an analytical survey to determine what needs retail facilities managers are placing work orders for and where they are spending money.

Top 5 Trades by Workorders

Top 5 Trades by Spend

Top 5 Maintenance Trades by Spend

Top 5 Repair Trades by Spend

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*All data provided by ServiceChannel Custom Analytics 2015