Facilities Management Software for Gym, Health & Fitness

There are over 34,000 fitness centers in the US (over 180,000 globally) as of 2014, and given the importance of them to the health of their members, every location and facility needs to be maintained properly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Accomplishing this is no easy task – each gym, health and fitness chain, and even location has unique price points, needs​,​ and requirements. That’s why we’ve developed facilities management solutions that can specifically address the needs of every segment of the industry.

ServiceChannel’s Service Automation suite helps owners, GMs, local staff and facilities managers create work orders, hire experienced contractors, oversee repair and maintenance work, submit payments, and review service work efficiently and at low costs across numerous locations. The time and money saved using ServiceChannel lets fitness managers focus on what’s most important – serving customers.

Challenges of Fitness Facilities Management

  • Fitness businesses depend heavily on creating great customer experiences. For that reason, fitness facilities should look and feel great help ensure visitors walk away with positive impressions
  • When it comes to customer satisfaction and safety in fitness facilities, cleanliness plays an enormous role. FMs must maintain a clean, hygienic environment to keep visitors happy and healthy.
  • Fitness facilities utilize specialized equipment including exercise machines, saunas, pools, and more. Therefore, fitness FMs must ensure that the service providers performing repair and maintenance work are knowledgeable and experienced with each of these types of assets.
  • There is endless competition within the fitness industry, so maintaining brand uptime is absolutely essential for a positive brand image. Fitness FMs must prioritize the regular repair and maintenance of their assets to ensure that customers always have what they need at fitness locations.

“The rationale for using ServiceChannel Service Automation at our company was self-evident. Essentially, we have modernized what was a rudimentary facilities management practice, which helps our studios focus on serving our members instead of managing contractors and maintenance projects.”

Brian Peoples, Director of Facilities at CorePower Yoga

Benefits of Fitness Facilities Management Software

  • ServiceChannel’s contractor management solutions allow for the easy finding, hiring, overseeing, and evaluating of service providers, helping fitness FMs increase efficiency and ensure optimal contractor selection.
  • With ServiceChannel’s analytics capabilities, fitness FMs can view key trends, outliers, metrics, and insights on easy-to-read dashboards, helping them make data-backed decisions around spend and efficiency.
  • Using ServiceChannel’s work order management software helps fitness facilities managers easily schedule work orders and keep an organized record of all past and current work.
  • The planned maintenance features give fitness FMs the tools necessary for preventing costly breakdowns and maintaining positive customer experiences with routine repair and maintenance work.