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Improving Profitability with Sports Facility Management Software

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March 6, 2024

Sports and gym facilities are often viewed as venues that generate their revenue solely based on the capacity they hold. The digital transformation has shifted this perception into one where facilities can utilize their spaces for more than just sports. As the economy changes, sports facilities should be concerned with profitability, adding value beyond rentals that generates a steady stream of income. Sports facility management software can help streamline operations and provide a big-picture view of effectively maximizing profits with attainable ROI. 

What is Sports Facility Management Software? 

Consider a system where every sports-related function is streamlined. Sports facility software helps effectively schedule fields, courts, events, and other spaces at-a-glance so there aren’t any overlaps. This software is also able to help transform any empty areas within the facility into income-generating opportunities.

sports facility management software

From record-keeping to management schedule to arranging transportation, sports center management software is an all-in-one solution for accessibility, payments, asset management, integration with facilities management software, and streamlined operations. 

Benefits of Sports Facility Management Software 

benefits of sports facility management software - space efficiency - increased productivity - improved communications

Space Efficiency 

Knowing what space you have available at a moment’s notice makes it easy to avoid double booking. Sports facility scheduling software makes it easy for customers to see available dates, giving them autonomy to schedule at their leisure. The software should make things easy for clients or team members to drag and drop events from one event space to another with ease. 

Increased Productivity 

When your staff uses an intuitive sport facility scheduling software, they avoid the manual portion of their responsibilities, freeing them up to provide better customer service, accept payments, be more flexible, and check availability for new clients. This helps simplify the day your staff works and represents your business. 

Improved Communications 

With the right sports facility management software, you’ll be able to determine the types of customers you have, their wants and needs, and identify new areas where you can maximize profits. This helps in creating meaningful internal and external communications. With the right analytics, you’ll be able to get a deeper understanding of your clients to make better decisions on how you’ll attract and retain their business. 

Another advantage is the ability to directly communicate with the scheduler through the application and publish those schedules to other 3rd party applications to keep teams on track. The software supports mobility because in today’s digital environment, remote access is a must. Clients want to know if they can register, reserve, or make changes to their information on the go.

How Sports Facility Management Software Improves Profitability 

Resource Management 

This is a great way to see all the spaces available at the same time to increase bookings and profitability. From the courts or fields to classrooms and other areas of the facility, you can effectively manage it all from one location. A customer portal maximizes your resources where they can check their schedules, reserve spaces, get directions, register online, and make online payments. 

Adding preventative maintenance, management of work orders, and maintenance schedules into the software only enhances the flexibility and autonomy of your team. Spaces must be cleaned and maintained on a recurring basis, so being able to use this resource to assign those duties to the facility manager or janitorial team simplifies operations and keeps everyone on task. 

Centralize Operations 

Staff will be better equipped to handle scheduling and all aspects of the facility, including sales and revenue. Users should be able to schedule events, spaces, and classes in multi-date formats, and edit them as needed. Registration should be easy, and an online portal for clients to navigate their processes without needing to speak to an associate unless necessary. 

Scheduling multi-sport events and getting reports on every aspect of the business makes things effortless. Real-time progress reports help keep a handle on things while maintaining privacy. 

How Sports Facility Management Software Improves Profitability - resource management - centralize operations - payment integration

Payment System Integration 

The software should be able to help you customize every aspect of your business to meet the needs of your clients. Flexible billing options, invoicing and payment are all integral parts of a sports facility management software to keep the team focusing on handling clients while the system handles the financial aspects. 

This helps with record-keeping, providing real-time information on profits and losses, how much income is being generated per space and activity, and where you can add additional opportunities to increase revenue. 

Having payment system integration is not a want, it’s a need. Users want the flexibility of paying online at a moment’s notice without worrying about whether their payment was received. Add the ability to process payments for rentals, merchandise, and other types of purchases, and you’ve created a new stream of profitability. 

Choosing the Right Sports Facility Management Software 

When considering the best sports facility management software, understanding the importance of space efficiency, increased productivity, improved communications, resource management, centralized operations, and payment system integration are key in setting your business up for success. 

ServiceChannel can help in improving your profitability through our sports facility management software. For more information or to speak to an associate, contact us today.

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