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Case Study: CorePower Yoga

corepower yoga studio interior filled with men and women in warrior poses

Fitness & Lifestyle Chain Slashes Facilities Maintenance & Repairs Costs by Half Using ServiceChannel

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October 26, 2023

  • STREAMLINED CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT significantly reduced vendor/contractor count

  • ACCELERATED INVOICE PROCESSING start-to-finish through digitalization

  • NEW VISIBILITY INTO R&M SPENDING by specific trade and category

Quantifiable Results



“We’re using facilities data to positively impact design and construction decisions. This saves the company a lot of money by being smarter and more efficient in how we’re adding new studios.“

Brian Peoples
Director of Facilities at CPY


Denver-based CorePower Yoga (CPY) is a driving force in the multibillion-dollar yoga-fitness revolution that has taken hold firmly throughout the United States. CPY was founded in 2002 with a single studio but since has grown to 150 locations nationwide.


Fulfilling its corporate mission requires CPY to expand further (in fact there are plans to open 30 more locations this year) in order to make its services available to more yoga devotees and beginners alike. As with any rapidly expanding company, CPY experienced its share of growing pains especially in its facilities management practice, which encountered challenges such as:

  • Understaffed facilities management “team” consisting of one full-time employee and a network of general contractors and other service providers
  • Decentralized work order process based largely on email communications from individual studios to general contractors and even subcontractors
  • Inability to track work order progress, case resolution and costs
  • Ad hoc invoicing and payment process, leading to redundancies and overpayment

“The rationale for using ServiceChannel Service Automation at our company was self-evident. Essentially, we have modernized what was a rudimentary facilities management practice, which helps our studios focus on serving our members instead of managing contractors and maintenance projects.”

Brian Peoples
Director of Facilities at CPY


The decision to implement ServiceChannel at CPY was led by the Director of Facilities, who had experienced the benefits of service automation first-hand at a previous employer. His goals for CPY’s ServiceChannel deployment included:

  • Centralizing the facilities work order process through his team to improve tracking and time-to-resolution
  • Reducing the number of general contractors and service providers to industry-leading firms with nationwide reach
  • Streamlining the invoicing and payment process to improve efficiencies and reduce costs

Holding contractors and service providers more accountable through data-driven performance metrics


The ServiceChannel deployment at CPY went live enterprise-wide, which included training studio staff to initiate work orders through the platform. Specifically, CPY deployed ServiceChannel Service Automation, which enables companies such as CPY to automate key business and service processes. This includes:

  • Sourcing and activating contractors in every region of operations
  • Consolidating management of invoices and payments
  • Providing visibility and data for improved performance, compliance and risk management
  • Enabling contractors and service providers to check-in at all locations using GPS-enabled mobile devices as part of the work order process


The improvements CPY enjoyed in its facilities management program were both immediate and impactful. Additionally, CPY gained benefits that it had not anticipated such as the ability to use ServiceChannel-generated data to inform/improve new studio design and construction plans. Specific benefits included:

  • Visibility into overall maintenance and repair spending for the first time in company history
  • Centralized invoicing and payment, which eliminated redundancies and double payments
  • Ability to implement a “bundled services” approach for non-emergency work orders, driving efficiency and reducing case resolution times
  • Increased contractor check-in compliance and first-time completion rate of work orders
  • Access to maintenance and repair trend data such as frequently recurring issues and equipment failure that are used in designing and building new studios


Through ServiceChannel Service Automation, CPY is now enjoying significant and quantifiable improvements across a number of key facilities metrics such as:

  • Reduction in facilities-related spending per studio by almost 50%
  • Reduction in average invoice amount almost 15% per work order
  • Ability to distinguish between capital and operating expenses and the ability to track spending by trade and service-type
  • Moving to fully electronic invoicing and payment, which reduced processing time from two days on average to just two hours

CPY’s successful ServiceChannel implementation will lead to an expansion of its use of other modules including ServiceChannel Asset Manager for tracking repairs by specific equipment and providing the facilities team with real-time repair-or-replace decision information. CPY also plans to provide employees and vendors with mobile capabilities including GPS check-in for contractors and anywhere/anytime/any device work order lifecycle management through the ServiceChannel Mobile App.

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