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ServiceChannel and Clients Meet at Nike Headquarters for User Group Meetings


Below is an excerpt from an interview about the ServiceChannel User Group held in September at the Nike Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

So how was this year’s User Group different than previous years? This was the first time we spread the meetings over two days which was great because we were able to add more content and alot more time for Q&A. There was a ton of client interaction. Clients were asking more questions, providing great feedback and even answering their peers questions. Not everyone is comfortable asking questions in front of a large group, but after spending two days getting to know their peers, I think it becomes easier to speak in a group setting. This year’s agenda included peer presentations, roundtable sessions, a walking tour of Nike’s facilities, as well as a kickball game, BBQ and a trip to a local winery.

How were the peer presentations? There were three peer presentations and they were all very different, but each was equally phenomenal. Our goal is to grow our peer presentations for the next user groups; our clients really love them and continue to request more peer presentations. It’s a great way for clients to see how their peers use ServiceChannel and how they can learn from each other.

How were the Roundtables? They went really well. Each roundtable was equally packed and very informative.

And kickball? Kickball was really fun, even people who didn’t play were watching and cheering so it was entertaining for everyone.

What did the clients think? “It was the best user group yet and will be really hard for ServiceChannel to top!” – Randy Hausmann, CVS Caremark.

Are you doing this again next year? Nike extended the invitation for us to hold our next user group at their world headquarters. The facility was phenomenal and our clients loved it. We expect that once word gets around about how great this event was, the attendance will continue to grow.

Did you attend the User Group? We’d love to hear from you.
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