Managing in the Midst of Coronavirus: Advice for Facilities Management Teams

During my previous 28 years leading Facilities Management for CVS Health, I thought I’d seen it all. You probably did too.  After all, you put out fires every day. Then came COVID-19. With the situation changing literally hour-by-hour, uncertainty and disruption are becoming the new normal.  None of us know for sure where this will take our businesses. But we do know that FM teams will play a Read More

COVID-19 Webinars: Our New No-Cost Features

Earlier this week, we told you about three new features, Labels, Checklists, and Site Planning, that we’re providing free of charge to help you meet the new challenges that the coronavirus has brought to your business.  To get you up and running fast, we’re offering webinars to show you how to most effectively use these features. To make it easier to join, you have a choice of several dates and Read More

Our COVID-19 Game Plan for ServiceChannel Customers

First of all, we appreciate what you and your companies are going through in the midst of this challenging, and uncertain, global situation. I’ve already spoken with many of you personally, and plan to reach out to a lot more of you in the coming week. In the meantime, I want to provide you with an update on several relevant aspects of our response to the situation.   ServiceChannel has been Read More

Investing in Artificial Intelligence for Retail: Why it Matters for Long-Term Growth

There’s a lot more to being a successful retailer these days than moving product off your shelves. Competition is fierce, with brands constantly innovating new shopping experiences, marketing campaigns, and ways to interact with customers. Add to that the growing influence of digital natives like Amazon and Allbirds in the brick-and-mortar realm, and traditional retailers have themselves a Read More

4 Trends to Watch in Retail Healthcare Facility Management

In recent years, one of the most significant changes to impact facilities management has been the increasing prevalence of retail healthcare businesses. These businesses include walk-in clinics, urgent care centers, dental offices, vision centers, and even specialty practices – that, in many cases, are introduced into existing retail settings such as malls or shopping centers. Some even mimic Read More

What Ben Franklin Can Teach Us About Proactive Facility and Equipment Management

Ben Franklin is attributed with the maxim “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. As also the inventor of the eponymous “Franklin Stove,” Ben would have also known that routine maintenance on a piece of equipment like this would prevent a lot of problems down the line. But this is easier said than done for modern facilities managers and their contractors who are responsible for the Read More

Improving Retail Customer Experiences with Strategic Space Planning

There are 23.5 square feet of retail space for every person in the United States, which is more than any other country in the world. All this retail space is critical to our economy as more than 90 percent of the nearly $6 trillion consumers spend in the US take place inside brick-and-mortar stores – so much for the retail apocalypse. Managing all this square footage well requires strategic Read More

How to Leverage Data and Technology to Keep Shoppers Coming Back

The far-reaching impact of digital transformation is typically associated with the digital-first preferences of millennials (or “Generation Z”). However, we were recently startled to see that Gen X grocery shoppers are now trending toward online services more than ever before. If we see even a modicum of shift among the even larger Baby Boomer generation, this begs the question: Are the days of Read More

Two Unexpected Ways to Improve Business Operations with Big Data

When Arthur Conan Doyle introduced Sherlock Holmes’ to the world in 1891 with A Scandal in Bohemia, he wrote, “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” This holds true for any business that’s built upon processes that require continuous upgrades and analysis. Doyle’s words are arguably even more prevalent today as the use of data has become a foundational piece for Read More

The Impact of Store Appearance on Brand Reputation

We recently explored the ways in which store maintenance impacts customer acquisition and retention. In this second post of the series, we’ll take a step back and look at the impact of store appearance (which, of course, is synonymous with maintenance in many ways) on brand reputation: The way in which a brand is perceived and valued by customers, stakeholders, and the broader retail Read More

What Does the Future of Grocery Shopping Look Like? 3 Trends on the Horizon

The grocery industry, like retail in general, is changing – and fast. Today, there are more food shopping options for consumers than ever before, including meal kit delivery services, curbside pickup, online ordering, and more. Women are no longer the primary shoppers, millennials are turning to mobile apps for on-demand meals, and just about everyone is on the hunt for some kind of specialty, Read More

The Impact of Store Maintenance on Customer Acquisition and Retention

A tidy, attractive, well-kept sales floor is one of the first “commandments” of a successful retail business. Nobody is going to want to spend any time – or any of their hard-earned cash – in an unpleasant environment. A store’s physical appearance reflects directly on the quality of the products for sale, so it’s critical that retail executives dedicate sufficient resources towards store Read More

Why Mobile Apps are Changing the Game for Facilities Management

Mobile device usage has been a part of everyday life for quite some time now. Have a burning question that’s driving you crazy? Touch one button or use a simple voice command to get an answer from Siri. Forgot your wallet at Starbucks? Use your mobile wallet to scan to pay. Mobile devices allow us to be more efficient in the multi-tasking world we live in, staying connected to one another in ways Read More

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Work Order Management Process

Facilities managers know how complicated the nature of their job can be. Between having to manage tens, hundreds or even thousands of locations, managing hundreds of partners (internal and external), and striving to meet everyone’s expectations of what facilities should be - pristine, high-functioning, safe, and up to brand standards - it can be a lot to juggle. And at the core of all these moving Read More

Why Grocery Businesses Should Prepare for Cashierless Checkout Technology

Standing in lines has been the bane of the grocery shopper’s existence since supermarkets first popped up in neighborhoods around the country. Supermarket chains have employed all sorts of gimmicks and technologies to solve this problem – everything from three’s a crowd that relied on more cashiers to self check-out stations that relied on none. Now, digital transformation is offering up Read More

How Businesses are Coping with the Skilled Labor Shortage

The strong US economy has created a white-hot labor market across both white and blue collar jobs. More than seven million jobs went unfilled in the United States this month – yet the labor participation remains under six million workers.  Clearly, the math doesn't add up. This is a major predicament for businesses across all verticals, from the restaurant industry to construction and Read More

How Mobile Site Audit Tools Ensure Brand Consistency and Compliance

ServiceChannel provides facilities managers with a single platform to source, procure, manage and pay for repair & maintenance services from commercial contractors. The Challenge Customers come into your stores every day, expecting a positive experience.  How your customers perceive your brand is based on the conditions of all your locations.  Today, your stores and facilities have a direct Read More

How AI Can Help You Do More with Your Facilities Data

Though the concept itself was born out of a Dartmouth University lab in 1956, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finally making its mark today as a mainstream technology – one that businesses are adopting seriously and at scale. Right now, almost half of the corporate world has embedded AI into at least one business process. This is up from 20 percent just two years ago, according to the Wall Street Read More

Utilizing Automation Technology to Help Providers Streamline Their Operations

For contractors and service providers, automation technology is a way to streamline operations and holistically improve the user experience. With a unified platform that makes it easy to communicate and establish expectations, you can simplify processes and ultimately improve performance. When you find yourself working with a wide array of customers and service providers, the ability to Read More

3 Technologies You Need to Reduce Costs at Your Multi-Location Business

There are now more multi-location businesses than ever. The most tangible example of these are in retail, an industry which actually added almost 4,000 net new locations in 2018 in the face of the supposed “retail apocalypse.” However, the margin for error is thin: Businesses operating multiple locations must employ operational best practices and the latest technologies to ensure ongoing Read More