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Complexity to Clarity With an Expert Team: Customer Success


As we continue our “Complexity to Clarity” series, we delve deeper into the day-to-day experiences of our customer success managers. These interviews give us the chance to hear from the team members who are pivotal in cultivating client relationships, supporting growth, and promoting continual progress.

Jennifer Sams, Senior Content Marketing Manager
Jennifer Sams

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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April 19, 2024

Emily Bradshaw’s background in customer service management, paired with her deep and genuine empathy and desire to help, is an integral part of how ServiceChannel maintains an extraordinary level of customer satisfaction and retention. We caught up with Emily, our director of customer success, to talk about what makes the Customer Success team so effective.

Ensuring the Most Value for Our Customers

How does ServiceChannel ensure customers are up to date with best practices, optimizations, and the latest features?

We ensure that our customers are well-equipped with best practices as well as optimizations through calls with their customer success managers. We also host webinars to ensure they understand the latest features that are available to them, and we house everything in our ServiceChannel University for self-taught training.

Could you tell us about a time when a client used insights from ServiceChannel to improve their business?

One customer that comes to mind is a part of the restaurant industry. They had a focus on growth and optimization. They were able to communicate their objectives to our team, and our customer success manager partnered with them not only to understand what data and reporting they needed to help build a case for their business but to also implement asset management. The client was able to use one of our provider development teams to help with provider optimization as well, which resulted in about a 22% improvement in resolution time, as well as a decrease of around 68% in overall invoice spend.

Asset Management Lifecycle

What role does ServiceChannel play in facilitating a productive relationship between customers and providers?

ServiceChannel’s dedicated provider development team serves as a knowledgeable intermediary, addressing provider questions and facilitating communication with customers.

Customer Feedback

How does ServiceChannel gather and share tips from various clients to help others make improvements faster?

It’s all about collaboration. Our customer success managers are constantly talking to each other — we’re sharing best practices; we’re sharing strategies that are working for our customers. We’re also sharing strategies that are not working. And being able to compile all those learnings and create dynamic playbooks has been extremely beneficial to our team and our customers. Again, it’s that constant feedback, that constant collaboration that we are having internally.

Can you think of an instance where a client implemented a best practice from another ServiceChannel customer and saw immediate improvements?

Some of the main goals for a customer would be cost savings, time savings, seeing efficiency with their team, and provider optimization. One specific best practice is implementing one of our features, Decision Tree, which in essence helps with prioritization on work orders — the customer puts a specific set of processes in place for a work order, including troubleshooting questions. And what I’ve found is that sometimes a work order doesn’t even need to be created. Maybe a customer just needs to screw the light bulb in a little bit further rather than replace a whole light fixture.

Understanding the Customer Goals and Business Objectives

How does ServiceChannel maintain alignment with customers’ evolving reporting and data needs?

We make sure we are always up to speed on our customers’ business objectives. We invite their leadership team to our quarterly or annual business reviews with our customer success manager and account teams to ensure that we maintain a clear understanding of their evolving business objectives and are helping create the plans and the projects to help with optimization so they can meet their goals. We also invite leadership to voice of the customer (VOC) opportunities, ensuring our reporting and insights continue to adapt and improve.

Continuous Improvement

What is it that you love most about working at ServiceChannel?

I love working with people who are constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone, making me think bigger, but then also giving me the ability to voice my opinions, my recommendations, and create that safe space for collaboration.

The Customer Comes First

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