Bringing IoT, Standardized Data and Other Technologies to Facilities Management [Podcast]

Bringing IoT, Standardized Data and Other Technologies to Facilities Management [Podcast]

In a recent interview on the Kayrell Connections Podcast, ServiceChannel’s CEO & FM industry-leader Tom Buiocchi discussed building a culture of collaboration in the facilities management community so that organizations are better equipped to understand and implement innovative workplace solutions.

Tom explained the ServiceChannel vision for the future of facilities management and some practical ways that we will see the both existing technologies and emerging ones like the Internet of Things impacting the workplace.

With new technologies available, ServiceChannel helps clients leverage these tools to solve facilities management problems.  New technologies brought into the facilities sector make things easier, more transparent, more automated, and more intelligent.

These technologies range from:

  • ‘Uberization’ of contractor management: bringing the same benefits of Uber (who’s coming to your location, provider’s picture, phone, identification) to facilities.  
  • Internet of Things: new equipment will become internet-enabled to capture and share data but existing assets will need to be retrofitted
  • Data Standardization: collecting data from equipment, where does it reside, how can all parties act on a common repository.

“Easier, more automated, more intelligent, more transparent… if we can bring technologies to bear across those four lines, we’ll have done something pretty good.” Tom Buiocchi

The podcast’s host Mike Petrusky asked Tom about collaboration, the internet of things and how facility managers can present the business case for new technologies to the C-suite. He also shared how ServiceChannel’ers have a relentless dedication to innovation. When it comes to customers, ServiceChannel support teams are driven to provide answers, not inquiries, enabling clients to focus more on the big picture and to add value to their own organizations.

Tom shared the benefits that companies can get from a modern facilities management platform, such as:

  • Time savings
  • Reduce operational risk
  • Cost savings
  • Maintain brand consistency and brand quality

“ServiceChannel sounds like a company full of FM innovators… they are very purposeful when collaborating with clients.” Mike Petrusky

To hear the full conversation on how ServiceChannel continues to deliver workplace innovation to the facilities management community, listen here:

About Kayrell & Host

Kayrell Connections provides information, consulting, and marketing expertise to help organizations deliver workplace innovation to the facility management community. Mike Petrusky, Account Executive for Kayrell Connections, has been offering marketing products, services and solutions to clients for more than 20 years and has served in a variety of leadership roles at the Capitol Chapter of IFMA.