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The Mobile Work Order Management Tool That Drives Restaurants’ Bottom Line

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August 12, 2022

Let’s all admit it; repairs are a real pain.  In the busy world of restaurant operations, the key to success is to keep your eyes and ears on your employees and customers.  It’s hard enough to do this job when all cylinders are firing as they should.  When something breaks, or needs repair or fixing, it can throw a real wrench into the spokes.  Mobile apps paired with facilities management technology can often be the solution.

Mobile Work Order Management for Restaurants

Imagine this (and that’s probably not too hard): It is 4 pm on a Friday afternoon.  The restaurant manager is performing a walk-through to be sure the dining area is all set for dinner service.  He still has to check out the prep crew and perform a review of all the food to be served.

Walking through the dining room, he realizes that half the dining area is not the correct temperature.  After adjusting the thermostat, he realizes there is a problem.  It needs to get remedied now but there are lots of other tasks to do before the crowds hit.

This is where mobile FM software comes in to play.  He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone and logs into his mobile work order app.  With a few clicks, he has reported the problem, logged it, dispatched his vendor and can continue his walk-through without interruption.  He doesn’t have to walk all the way back to the office and sit down at a computer, nor must he spend time explain the issue to a call center operator.  He can continue to keep his eyes and ears where they make him the most money, out on the floor, working with his staff and serving his customers!

Mobile work order management solutions are just one example of the benefits that FM technology’s bringing to the restaurant sector.  Using a mobile app like ServiceChannel’s let managers and staff deal with any and all repairs needing attention immediately and on-the-spot.

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