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Distance Doesn’t Affect the Close Knit Connection with ESC

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August 12, 2022

electrical-services-connection-logo.png Markus Zuleski gets right to the point when asked about his role as vice president at Electrical Services Connection: “I am in charge of anything and everything business-related. New hires, business development, work order distribution, everything.” For Markus, growth equals success, and achieving growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace is a daily challenge. “If the business is not progressing, I am not succeeding. Growth in a crowded market like facilities maintenance has become a slower climb, but one step at a time is all I need to feel successful at my position.”

Getting past what he calls the “no’s” is the hardest part of Markus’ job. As he says, “It’s the perseverance to push past that, no matter how many times you hear it. The electrical is the easy part.” From Markus’ perspective what’s changed in the industry is the entry of low cost electrical and facilities management companies and the constant need to drive down costs, meet budgetary figures, and make a financial impact. Electrical Services Connection responds to this issue not by going straight to bottom dollar pricing, but by promoting affordable service that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Markus says, “It’s important to our customers to be flexible with pricing and scaling costs to meet budgetary numbers, while, at the same time giving the customer peace of mind knowing that a state certified electrician is performing the service up to code standards and beyond. This service quality allows for longevity in the install or repair, and, if all goes well, keeps the not to exceed intact.”

All of the company’s electricians are trained on the job by electricians with multiple years of experience. Markus believes, “Facilities maintenance is a job that not only requires experience in the electrical field and keeping up with technology, but also strong people skills. In the field, our electricians are the face of our business and it’s important to have all of our techs looking and acting professional.”

That strong personal touch extends all the way through when working with customers. Markus is proud of the tight knit relationships he and Electrical Services Connection have cultivated with their customers – the first name basis, cell phone calls, family stories. Markus sums it up, “We strive to work with customers as closely as possible. Although they may be out of state, we mandate pictures, notes, and detailed proposals to allow the customer that close relationship and informed feel, although they are a 1,000 miles away.”

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