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Save up to 30% with top-performing providers

Find, onboard, and expand your network of dependable providers in the ServiceChannel Marketplace. Compare providers based on their track record of outstanding performance with objective, verified data on cost, quality, speed, and engagement.

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Say goodbye to the guesswork

The typical provider sourcing process leaves you guessing whether you’re working with the fastest and most reliable providers. But with verified Marketplace data on the actual performance and invoice cost of every provider, you can increase uptime and worry less.

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  • Lower Invoice Costs

  • Faster Speed

  • Higher Quality

  • Thousand Providers

  • Work Orders

  • Data Points

How do your providers compare?

See if your existing provider network ranks in the top or the bottom tier in their trade and region with our Provider Upgrade Calculator.

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If you want to improve on your providers and save on cost, this is definitely something that your company should look into.

Jackie Schmollinger
Save A Lot Facilities Manager

How does your spend compare? 

See the Latest Spend and Cost Trends

The ServiceChannel Facilities Spend Index™ monitors commercial trade service costs and spending patterns based on $33 billion dollars in services delivered to 500,000 locations on the ServiceChannel platform.

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The ServiceChannel Facilities Spend Index™ is based on over $27 billion dollars in services delivered to 450,000 locations on the ServiceChannel platform since 2018.

Level up your facilities management strategy

Uncover your strengths and weaknesses against 6 dimensions and see how your business stacks up.

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