Contractor Initiated WorkordersContractor Initiated Work Orders (CIWO)

Expedite Your Unplanned Work

How It Works

Unexpected maintenance — like snow-covered parking lots, lighting outages, and accumulated garbage — will always occur.

ServiceChannel’s Contractor Initiated Work Orders (CIWO) mobile app enables your approved contractors to generate work orders onsite for pre-specified types of work. This ensures that needed work (e.g., plowing a parking lot right after a storm) can get done immediately without waiting for anything or anyone. Also, real-time work order submission avoids having your facilities management team or location managers retroactively create work orders (WOs) days or months later, which keeps all invoicing accurate, metrics consistently up-to-date, and your staff relieved of the burden of creating extra work orders.

Benefits of Contractor Initiated Work Orders:

  • Get critical work done faster, without unnecessary delays
  • Spend less time approving and creating WOs
  • Enable contractors to instantly communicate the work performed while onsite
  • Receive more accurate reporting
  • Know the location of contractors when they submit WOs
  • Streamline business processes when used in conjunction with invoice auto-approval

How It Helps

Improves Service

Eliminates lags in getting time-sensitive work performed

Saves Administrative Time

Streamlines the steps for contractors to get instant approvals, avoids onsite staff from having to issue extra work orders

Controls Costs

Monitors budgets with real-time work order data

Contractor Initiated Work Order Features

Confirm Location

Confirm origin of work order with GPS locator to ensure it’s entered from job site


Configure your company’s set-up to capture the type and volume of work performed with predefined answers to generate work orders


Set Validation Rules

Configure validation rules to allow invoicing or to require additional approval

Submit via Mobile App

Enable your third-party contractors to submit structured Service Automation WOs through their smartphones or tablets


Not-to-Exceed WOs

Create Zero Not-to-Exceed (NTE) WOs that require facilities management approval

Verify Prices

Maintain a price list of contracted services by store and by contractor

Verify Work Performed

Require that contractors provide digital photo evidence of work performed

Customer Use Case

A national pharmacy chain was using a cumbersome multi-step verification process to handle snow plowing and ice control. With invoices arriving months later, it was difficult to monitor budgets and understand snow-season costs in real time. With the CIWO mobile app, pre-loaded contracts and GPS tracking ensured contractors created work orders onsite, uploaded pictures showing evidence of the conditions, and charged the correct amount. Contractor-Initiated Work Orders allowed the work to be done promptly and eliminated the invoice lag; as soon as the contractor created the ticket, all work order data was immediately available to the chain.