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Success Story with Lampien Mechanical

two lampien technicians constructing a residential interior installation

Georgia HVAC business finds springboard to growth.

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March 24, 2024

  • PROVIDER OF CHOICE for 14 big-brand customers

  • SOLID GROWTH despite a labor shortage

  • STREAMLINED OPERATIONS for increased productivity and profit

Quantifiable Results
  • YOY GROWTH IN 2021



“The great thing about ServiceChannel is that it’s a true meritocracy. You just focus on doing good work and you get rewarded with more customers.
There isn’t anything else like it out there.”
Chris Lampien, Operations Manager
Lampien Mechanical Services, Inc.

Background: ServiceChannel track record brings rewards

Lampien Mechanical Services, Inc., based in Jasper, Georgia, is a leading provider of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration repair service for northern Georgia. 

The company’s reputation for honest, reliable service, says Operations Manager Chris Lampien, has not wavered since his father founded the family-owned-and-operated company some 15 years ago. 

  • Each certified technician on the Lampien team brings 15-30 years of experience.
  • The team is dedicated to putting the customer first.
  • Great customer engagement is a top priority.

“Our customers know that when we fix something, it stays fixed. And they’ll never be sold something they don’t need.”

Challenge: Sustain growth in a tight labor market

Turning the company’s well-earned reputation into new work with the right kind of customer presented Lampien with some formidable challenges:

  • Balancing time-intensive selling with day-to-day operations
  • Managing their growing workload in the tight labor market for skilled HVAC technicians.
  • Having a single source of truth for technicians’ check-in and time spent at customer’s locations.

“We are competitive, we don’t like to see those metrics dip.”

Solution: Streamline Operations and reap rewards for great service

Lampien was first brought onto ServiceChannel by their biggest customer in 2015. Today, their reputation for excellent service is solidly documented and amplified through the ServiceChannel Marketplace. Their dedication to quality has earned them status as a ServiceChannel preferred provider and with it, a steady stream of new work from top brands.

Lampien has engaged fully with every offering and feature ServiceChannel has for service providers, including:

  • Provider Search: The company is regularly discovered and invited to work by facilities managers searching for top-performing providers in their region.
  • ServiceChannel Scout taps them for customers looking for hands-on help to upgrade their provider networks.
  • ServiceChannel Managed relies on Lampien as a preferred provider.
  • ServiceChannel Provider mobile app allows Lampien to stay on top of 70 or 80 work orders at a time. Chris can log in from anywhere and the app brings a new level of accountability to his techs. A nearly 100% check-in rate shows just how seriously they take their SLAs.
  • ServiceChannel Provider Development Manager consultations give Lampien a solid path to continual improvement.


Through ServiceChannel, Lampien has been able to surpass their growth goals in spite of the labor shortage. Since coming on board with ServiceChannel, the company has:

  • Experienced 21% year-over-year growth
  • Earned 10 new top-brand, multi-location customers in one year
  • Profited from a dramatic boost in productivity to deliver on the influx of new business — all with the same number of technicians.
  • Enjoyed a 50% decrease in time to get paid.

“Becoming a more efficient company has been a game changer for us.”

Lampien Mechanical Services, Inc.
Refrigeration, Heating & Air Experts
ServiceChannel service provider since 2015

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