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Get discovered in Provider Search

Grow your business with Provider Search. Get connected to top-brand customers nationwide that are searching for providers like you.

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March 10, 2024

Connect to top-brand, multi-location customers

Facilities managers from more than 500 major, multinational brands are searching ServiceChannel for top-notch, self-performing providers just like you. And they can invite you to join their provider network with a single click.

How it works

Step 1: A facility manager enters the needed trade and region in ServiceChannel Provider Search.

Step 2: Their search returns a list of matching providers ranked in order of their ServiceChannel history for fast, high-quality, cost-effective service.

Step 3: The facilities customer reviews key profile information, chooses a provider, and sends you an invitation to join their ServiceChannel provider network. You review the details of the invitation and accept or decline.

Top Tips to Win New Business

  • Update your provider profile. Include as much detail as possible: trades, coverage areas, business hours, credentials, insurance, contact information for new business and more. Learn more.
  • Follow best practices to keep your Speed, Quality, Price, and Engagement scores high. Learn more.
  • Accept invitations and complete the registration quickly
  • Use the ServiceChannel Provider mobile app to provide real-time confirmation of dispatch, on-time arrival, and check-in. Learn more.

“Having the opportunity to get in front of the clients we want has helped us grow our business at least 50%”

Gennaro Plumbing

Frequently Asked Questions


What is ServiceChannel Provider Search?

ServiceChannel customers — some 500 top brands with more than 300,000 locations — can now search ServiceChannel’s extensive database to find the best providers to meet their needs.

Which providers can show up in ServiceChannel Provider Search?

Any provider registered with ServiceChannel can show up in search results. Providers matching the customer’s search will be presented in ranked order based on their ServiceChannel history for quality service.

If I haven't done any work through ServiceChannel, can I still show up in search results?

Yes, if you are registered with ServiceChannel you will show up in search. If you are in an area/trade with very few providers you may get invited, but if you are in an area/trade with many providers and have no previous work data in the ServiceChannel system, it is unlikely that you will be seen or invited.

Is there a cost associated with work I receive through ServiceChannel Provider Search?

By accepting a customer invitation, you agree to ServiceChannel Terms and Conditions, which include a 5% commission applied ONLY to approved invoices for that new customer — a small fraction of what it would cost to obtain that new business through your own marketing or sales team.

What are the ServiceChannel Provider Search criteria for evaluating quality service?

The ServiceChannel search algorithm currently evaluates provider performance and assigns a numeric rating based on four main factors:

  • Speed: Do you respond and complete work orders promptly?
  • Quality: Can you be relied on for quality work with very few call-backs?
  • Price: Are your rates competitive for the region? We look at more than just the hourly rate.
  • Engagement: Do you use all the features of the ServiceChannel platform to instill customer confidence.
  • Where can I see my ratings for Speed, Quality, Price and Engagement that prospective customers see?

    You can see your numeric ratings for Speed, Quality, Price and Engagement on the Marketplace Scores section of your ServiceChannel provider homepage.

    Can I see how my ratings compare to other similar providers in my area?

    At present, only ServiceChannel facilities management customers are able to run a provider search. However, in the coming months, functionally will be added so that as a provider, you can see how you compare to benchmarks set by top performers in your trade and geography.

    How do I improve my ranking?

    The most important things you can do is to focus on providing fast, cost-effective service and maintaining a high first-time completion rate. Always use the ServiceChannel platform or app to promptly accept/decline work order tickets, add notes and pictures, and choose the correct root cause and resolution codes.

    Why do you recommend using the ServiceChannel Provider mobile app to confirm dispatch, arrival and completion times?

    Providing this information in real-time using the mobile app is the best way to ensure a solid rating for prompt service.

    In addition to providing great service and always communicating through the ServiceChannel platform, what else can I do to improve my position in Provider Search?

    To increase your opportunity to be found and chosen by customers looking for the services you offer, complete your ServiceChannel provider profile with as much detail as possible: trades, your geographic area of service, certificates and licensing, insurance information, hours of service, your preferred contact information for new business, and more. (Note a new profile, optimized for Provider Search, was launched in August 2021 and may not be the same profile you filled out when you first registered with ServiceChannel). See more tips for creating your provider profile.

    How do I specify the geographic areas I cover?

    Use the map in your new provider profile to specify the areas you cover by state and county.

    How will I know if I receive an invitation from a potential new customer?

    You will receive an email from the client and a text message if you provide a mobile phone number in your profile. Just click the “accept” button to log in and see the details and accept the invitation. You can also track invitations from your provider homepage.

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