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Stay on Top with the Right Work Order Status

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Updating work orders to the correct status as jobs progress keeps you on track and automates your communication with customers. Download this PDF guide to status definitions and share it with your team.

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March 27, 2024

Work Order Status Guide

Open: Work order generated; not yet accepted.

In Progress: Work order accepted; provider actively working.
__ In Progress/Dispatch Confirmed: Open work order accepted.
__ In Progress/On Site: Provider arrived at location.
__ In Progress/Parts On Order: Parts are needed to complete the job.
__ In Progress/Incomplete: Job needs further follow-up. (Note this status should be used only when checking out temporarily, e.g. for lunch, coming back the next day to complete the work).
__ In Progress/Waiting for Quote: A price quote needs to be submitted for additional parts or labor.
__ In Progress/Waiting for Approval: Proposal for additional resources submitted; not yet approved.
__ In Progress/Proposal Approved: Proposal approved by facilities manager.
__ In Progress/Unsatisfactory: Job completed but location user or facility manager deemed the work not acceptable.

Completed: Provider completed the work; can generate an invoice.
__ Completed/Confirmed: Equivalent to Completed status; provider had completed the work order and generate an invoice.
__ Completed/Pending Confirmation: The provider has completed the work, but a location user or facility manager must provide satisfactory feedback on services before the work order is Completed/Confirmed. (This status appears only if configured by the client.)
__ Completed/Cancelled: Work order withdrawn; no further services needed.
__ Completed/No Charge: Work order completed; no service fees incurred

Invoiced: Provider has submitted the invoice for payment.

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