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Case Study: Global Specialty Retailer

Retailer Improves Shopping Experience and Vendor Performance through More Responsive, Data-Driven Facilities Management.

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December 19, 2022

  • IMPROVED OVERALL SHOPPER EXPERIENCE by expediting resolution of facilities issues

  • INCREASED CONTRACTOR PERFORMANCE AND RESPONSIVENESS through disciplined vendor management and accountability

  • REDUCED COSTS AND RESPONSE/RESOLUTION TIME through newfound operational visibility

Quantifiable Results



“ServiceChannel has opened up a new level of dialogue and understanding with our vendors. Many of these discussions are based on the scorecards that we generate through the platform, which gives us access to real-time and relevant information.“

Global Specialty Retailer
VP Facilities & Energy Services


One of the world‘s largest specialty retail companies operating more than 4,000 retail stores in North America and 5,000 worldwide, including some of the most well-known proprietary and licensed brands in the world.


Facilities management is a shared service across all the company‘s brands. To improve overall performance and increase responsiveness, the North American team looked to modernize its processes through advanced technology as a way to overcome challenges including:

  • All work order requests came through call centers, which were not available at nights and weekends
  • A legacy and highly manual work order system provided no visibility or real-time tracking capabilities for the FM team, brands (stores) or vendors
  • No robust reporting tools (only spreadsheets) limited accountability to timelines, costs and quality, and prevented sharing results with management and other departments
  • No formal process or practice to track/measure vendor performance to KPIs due to the lack of data and relevant reports

“Deploying ServiceChannel to modernize our FM operations has been transformational for us. We have driven vendor performance to new levels and opened new channels of communications both internally and externally that helps us continually improve our overall effectiveness.”

Global Specialty Retailer
VP Facilities & Energy Services


The company‘s FM team was focused on improving service levels and efficiencies through gaining visibility and data-supported, metric-driven decision making. Specific goals included:

  • Reducing incoming call volume and using more automated work order initiation and tracking
  • Gaining access to real-time data, which included the ability to parse data into many different, custom reports (e.g., by store brand, work order type, budget tracking)
  • Setting better organizational goals using FM data and improving vendor performance management against objective KPIs
  • Delivering visibility into operations for the brands
  • Migrating legacy work order system data into the new system seamlessly


The company‘s FM team initiated an RFP and ultimately selected ServiceChannel Service Automation, which the team evaluated as being “by far the best option.” Specific ServiceChannel capabilities that appealed to the retailer included:

  • Work Order Manager to provide a single platform for initiating, tracking and resolving work orders
  • Analytics Custom and Analytics Premium for KPI tracking, customized performance analytics, operating data for stores and results for management
  • Contractor Scorecard to hold vendors accountable to performance KPIs, reviewed regularly with every vendor
  • Mobile App for stores to enter work orders and monitor issue status, as well as contractors to check-in/out via GPS
  • Compliance Manager to monitor vendor insurance and certifications


With visibility into work orders, the retailer‘s seen improvements in response/resolution time, quality and cost, as well as improved decision making. The team reports that vendor performance and responsiveness is “at a new level compared to where it was before” deploying ServiceChannel.

The FM team can now generate and share FM-related data with senior management and other departments, as part of an enhanced planning process. Importantly, the store experience has improved with faster issue resolution. Other specific benefits include:

  • Creating customizable analytics dashboards across a number of different KPIs, which also enables better planning and organizational goal setting
  • Holding contractors accountable through data-driven scorecards, directly contributing to significantly improved vendor responsiveness
  • Managing vendor performance, by soliciting feedback from and about vendors and sharing feedback with vendors
  • Sharing access to ServiceChannel with other company teams (e.g. Asset Protection, Risk Management),
  • Submitting quarterly results to management and holding data-driven discussions


With ServiceChannel Service Automation, the company‘s FM team has generated a number of quantifiable results:

  • Reduced total invoice amount spent 21% in the last 12 months due to better operational visibility and more proactively managing maintenance and repair tasks
  • Decreased average invoice amount per work order 11% in the last 12 months due to improved vendor responsiveness and performance
  • Shortened mean work order resolution time by 46% as defined by average duration from initiation to completion
  • Slashed average proposal response time by 68%
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction Rating for completed work orders to 90%

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